Raw Material Processing

We choose the best quality natural fibers at the most well-known origin for our traditional craftsmanship.  In the old days, Nga Son seagrass-made products were carefully chosen as fancy imperial tributes by dint of its special long, durable and silky micro fibres. Nowadays, thanks to technology supports, our seagrass can be even longer, hardier and glossier to satisfy the most difficult markets.

To be ready for weaving the best handicraft products, each fibre has to be proceeded through various steps of cutting, splitting and drying in a thorough way by our hard-working farmers. Specifically, the seagrass should be harvested in the afternoon and split in the right next morning to generate better quality, then they will be dried in 3 days of high sunny before being twisted and weaved to make handicraft products by our skillful artisans.

Making Craft

The natural materials then will be braided, twisted in various styles depending on product designs. All of making process are hand-made  and hand-woven by our talented artisans. Their hand movements, their eyes and their smiles highlight the passion and respect to the beautiful craftsmanship which is full of tradition and culture.
Our traditional craftsmanship is our essence that we are proud to present it to the  market. The high quality natural fibres would be wasteful without the hands of our hundreds of skilful local and mostly female artisans. The sustainable and stunning designs would not be inspired and developed when the traditional techniques and designs of weaving did not exist. Likewise, all the social, environmental and cultural values could not be exploited and brought benefits to life without the innovative craftsmanship.

Product Design

Retaining the tradition does not mean being bound to it and ignoring  evolution and market trends. We continuously seek to new designs to bring beautiful collections that can combine traditional and modern breath of life.

Our products design process is a beautiful marriage between traditional skills, craftsmanship from our artisans and the creativity from our designers from marketing team and our designer volunteers who get inspired from the local livelihoods, market consciousness and their magnificent imagination.

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