Photo Journal 2019: Thanh Hoa Company Trip

Thanh Hoa Company Trip

In October, Viet Trang planned a trip to come back to Nga Son Village, Thanh Hoa Province – the traditional craft village that produces all of Viet Trang Craft’s handicrafts. There were just so many unforgettable memories about nature, the culture, and the people that one article alone can not describe them all.

We arrived at Thanh Hoa Province at noon. It was kind of sunny, so we decided to go to Sam Son Beach to have a little bit of ocean air. In the evening, we traveled for 2 hours to reach our main destination: Nga Son village. We had a small but bustling family dinner with Mrs.Viet – the founder of Viet Trang Craft and her family. It was one of the most amazing nights with us, as we are treated with specialties of Thanh Hoa and welcomed with a lot of homemade craft wine. It was delightful and thrilling at the same time. We stayed up quite late to chat and sing together, and it was amazing to us how a Thanh Hoa company trip can turn out to be that fun.

Company Trip at Factory 2

Enjoyable trip in Thanh Hoa of Viet Trang Craft Team

We woke up the next day with excitement to visit the factory and the well-known green seagrass field of Nga Son Village. From the factory to the seagrass field, we had a meet and greet session with all the farmers, workers and artisans. We realized the meeting not only help us have a deeper understanding of their daily work, but it also made us cherish more about the values of traditional weaving craftsmanship that local people have been trying to preserve and promote.

Company Trip at Factory

Skillful artisans in Viet Trang Craft factory

We felt more grateful than ever as we are the frontline of the business, to be the ones who help them make real changes to the world. Thanh Hoa company trip will be one of our unforgettable memories of us.