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Tran Thi Viet is the founder and managing director of Viet Trang Handicraft. Not only being a loving mother to five daughters, but she is also a talented artisan, a brilliant woman, and a visionary founder. She has inspired the local artisans to nurture the craftmanship as well as young people to share the passion for handicraft industry and sustainable consumption with earlier generations. With her effortless contributions to the export of the Vietnam handicraft industry annually, she is such an outstanding person of her time. She is awarded the Gold Award of the 2016 Empretec Women in Business Award by UNCTAD for her contribution to sustainable homewares and traditional craftmanship empowerment.

Mrs Tran Thi Viet won the award

In the future, Tran Thi Viet would like to learn how social business models work and how to pursue social, environmental and cultural sustainable objectives while doing business.

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