Unique Vietnamese Handicraft Products From Local Natural Fibers

Unique Vietnamese Handicraft Products

From twisted strings of seagrass, corn husk, water hyacinth, and palm leaf; with the skillful hands of craftswomen in Nga Son district has become a more unique and beautiful export Vietnamese handicraft products.

Vietnamese Handicrafts From Natural Fibers

Basket weaving using natural twisted strings of seagrass

For many years, the traditional seagrass mat weaving products in Nga Son has gradually disappeared, leaving a big question mark for the future of this traditional craftsmanship. Many natural weaving establishments in the area have found a new direction to grow, such as producing other natural handicraft homewares as baskets, poufs, handbags, lampshades and so on. These Vietnamese handicraft products provide high income to nurture the traditional weaving industry, so the local people here are positively empowered to keep the tradition alive.

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