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Storage Basket Business: Do you have a problem with shipping during Covid?

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storage basket

Storage Basket Business: Are you having big shipping problems during covid?

This article will demonstrate the issues that businesses dealing in storage basket items face during Covid and the best solutions.

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The global shortage of shipping containers

As the Covid-19 pandemic spread early last year, many countries began implementing lockdown measures. Stores selling storage baskets also halted imports of goods, affecting economic growth. Therefore, this problem has had a significant impact on the freight industry.

Freight may have found itself in a unique situation where unforeseen events have resulted in a global shortage of containers, a domino effect on the supply chain, and disruptions, commerce.

Importers of storage baskets are facing rising freight costs

It is easy to see that products that bring sustainability to life are always sought after by consumers in any situation, and products like the storage basket round are one of them.

Consumer demand is still there, requiring businesses to supply continuously. And the shortage of shipping containers mainly caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has directly affected their business. As a result, the importers are forced to carry out bulk shipments at higher rates than before because they don’t have much choice.

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The best solution for bulk import of storage basket

The problem is the shape and size of the above products

It is indisputable that household products made from natural fibers are always popular with users. Before the pandemic, the number of natural household software products exported from Vietnam was constantly growing. And suppliers are constantly changing new styles to bring the best user experience to customers.

But the problem is the shape and size of the above products. Most products such as storage basket rectangle, storage basket cubes are relatively large. If too many products are packed into one package, it will deform the original shape of the basket.

If suppliers receive large orders from their partners, they must pack the products into many packages so that there is enough product for the order. Since then, importers will have to pay large fees to import goods and do business.

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Here’s solution for bulk import of storage basket

So how can importers bring large quantities of large storage basket products with the most optimal number of packages. Whether or not storage basket products both meet the needs of customers and are easy to transport. And The Foldable Products is the best solution that Viet Trang can bring to its partners.

With a streamlined design and the ability to fold when packed without deforming the original shape, the Foldable Collection, as its name suggests, is the perfect solution right now.

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To always maintain trust with the partners we are and will cooperate with. The upcoming Foldable Collection Viet Trang products are the best quality storage baskets with natural materials without dyes, a characteristic of Vietnam Handicraft.

Let’s look forward to a series of top-quality products with outstanding features that are the most optimal solution Viet Trang brings to the partners

storage basket

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Viet Trang Handicraft is a top trusted natural homewares manufacturer from Vietnam!

We are: Export expertise

Working with diversified customers from all five continents in more than 20 countries has brought us professional export practices.

We understand your supply chain requirements and all concerns, such as shipping, packaging and everything for international shipments.

We care: Sustainable lifestyle

We worship the planet and the people who live in it. We want to use our business for good. Create eco-friendly items while paying homage to local farmers and weavers.

Our wicker products say no to dyes, we keep the most natural in our artworks and provide the safest user experience.

We think: Another Mindset Of Handicrafts

We provide high-quality handwoven homewares with more than 350 designs of baskets, 300 models of crafted rugs, and handwoven furniture. Moreover, we offer the best value for your business with our dedicated design support and modern B2B platform.

We would love to bring traditional and cultural products into our modern lives, to bring natural products into our city lives and to narrow the gap between local artisans with our sustainable consumers. Viet Trang Handicraft is confident to offer you professional export service.

storage basket

We understand and well meet your supply chain seagrass baskets wholesale requirements as well as concerns related to international shipments.

Let make a booking with us, who have become friendly partners, so that we have the opportunity to cooperate and help your business grow more and more sustainable.


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