Viet Trang History



Viet Trang History


Operating as a household business with a group of craftswomen at seagrass village in Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam.

Viet Trang History

1980s - 1990s

Start exporting to Union of Soviet Socialists Republics.

Viet Trang History

2001 - 2003

2001: Registering as Viettrang Handicraft Company.
Exporting finished, semi – finished and raw materials to Asian marketing including Japan, Korea, China along with serving domestic market. Especially, we are the first company in Nga Son, which contracted to export seagrass product to Japan directly.

Viet Trang History

2012 - now

2012 – 2014: Being nominated as one of handicraft manufactures to participate in the Export Coaching Program and Sustainable Design Program supported by the Netherlands Foreign Affair. Currently: Exporting to all five continents with main markets of United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, other EU countries, Japan and Korea .

Trade Capacity

Viet Trang Trade Capacity Map
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Our Factory

Located at the heart of immense fields of seagrass and a weaving traditional village 9000m2

30 full-time weavers and above 500 seasonal weavers

4 warehouses and equipped with drying machines

Work With Us

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Another Mindset Of Handicrafts

We would love to bring traditional and cultural products into our modern lives, to bring natural products into our city lives and to narrow the gap between local artisans with our sustainable consumers.

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Export Expertise

Working with diversified customers from all five continents in more than 20 countries has brought us professional export practices. We understand your supply chain requirements and all concerns such as shipping, packaging etc for international shipments.

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We love the earth and people living on it.
We would love to do good by doing business. Creating good-for-earth products and paying respects to local farmers and weavers.

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