Indoor Natural Colors Belly Laundry Basket for Decoration

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Palm Leaf, Seagrass

This set of seagrass laundry basket 09 is the perfect natural planter pots for houseplants, books, and other home accessories. Available in 3 sizes, you can apply it everywhere you want in your home. Purely natural handwoven from seagrass and palm leaf by our talented artisans Nga Son village in Vietnam. Being inspired by the Wabi-Sabi philosophy – finding beauty in the imperfections and appreciating the simplest thing in life, We hope this seagrass laundry basket 09 will bring you back to nature as being an essential basket in your daily life. Please note that as this seagrass laundry basket 09 is completely handmade from natural materials, the products may have slight differences in size, shape, and color from the shown images.

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