Fold to Fit – Best Foldable Baskets Collection

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Foldable baskets

Fold to Fit – The best foldable baskets collection from Viet Trang


We’re so excited to inform you of our new collection for winter 2021 – 𝐅𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐅𝐢𝐭 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧. This collection includes our new product which is in foldable baskets. Through Fold to Fit, with the foldable feature, we hope to share with you a real solution to help you save your valuable shipping space and somehow save your freight charges.

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Foldable baskets are excellent choice from basket manufacturers

Seagrass baskets from Vietnam are the first choice of homeware brands all over the world. Especially baskets, this wonderful natural material is often used to produce both functional and versatile baskets. We can say that seagrass baskets or other types woven from other natural fibres are increasingly unpopular and have a foothold in the homeware market worldwide.

foldable baskets

To service their B2B customers, Vietnamese seagrass basket manufacturers must continue to provide high-quality goods with a broader range of styles. 

And as mentioned about the shipping issue in the time of Covid. To import large packages without spending too much, importers must find a new source of seagrass basket products of constant quality but more flexible and diverse in size, and foldable baskets are the perfect choice for them

That’s why we launched our new collection of foldable baskets to provide the best solution for our customers.

foldabel baskets

The best seagrass basket manufacturer offers quality and convenient foldable basket

At Viet Trang, we choose natural grasses that are completely eco-friendly to use in basket weaving. Seagrass or water hyacinth will be dried naturally in the sun after being gathered and cleaned thoroughly, retaining the natural and characteristic colour of seagrass. All of them promote a green lifestyle and one that is beneficial to the consumers’ health.

Besides, with their feature, foldable baskets are convenient for moving. Users can fold it when not in use and store it easily. Or if they want to reserve something, it will take them less than 3 seconds to open the product and use it.

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Fold to Fit’s foldable baskets are wonderful with a lot of different styles to choose from

Unlike ordinary seagrass plant baskets, the folding feature requires artisans to be more skilful in knitting and product arrangement. Besides, this factor will also be an opportunity for artisans from the best seagrass basket manufacturer to create and create new designs, thereby bringing more choices to users.

Besides, the foldable baskets are not the limit for creating versatile products. For example, there will still be foldable seagrass storage baskets. Not only that, but the foldable handwoven basket will also be a great choice to decorate the living room space, bringing minimalism in the homeowner’s style.

foldable baskets
foldable baskets

Fold to Fit – The best Foldable baskets collection – Viet Trang’s winter collection 2021

This collection, we highlight the innovation in our natural homeware – especially the foldable baskets. It’s collapsible and versatile. At Viet Trang, we want to bring every crafted product to the customers in the best form.Viet Trang’s foldable products combine traditional craftsmanship and the practical features of the modern lifestyle.

As an original form, they are firm with ingenious patterns, and when folded, it saves a lot of space. We aspire to provide clever and practical goods that can fit into even the smallest spaces while generating a sense of peace with the correct design concept.

This year’s catalogue contains our latest ideas for making the most of the space users have, regardless of how big or small their homes are. For example, with collapsible and movable foldable baskets, a small space can transform itself into whatever they need to be.

Since COVID-19 has a negative impact on global shipping and makes the freight rates rocket up, our customers bear the higher shipping cost. With foldable products, the goods travel in a container in the smallest size, shape condition and still keep the quality. Consequently, our customers can optimize their shipping cost up to 10 times.

Foldable Baskets 4
foldable baskets

Foldable baskets are inspired by the peaceful life of artisans

We want to share one more interesting piece of information with you: Our foldable products were photographed in our factory by unprofessional staff during the quarantine period. We are inspired by the peaceful rhythm of life of artisans. 

The quarantine can cause a dramatic change in our lifestyle, but it can also help us look back and appreciate the little things.

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We can easily put small pieces woven from natural fibres together to create large baskets that effectively integrate with our lives. 

Here’s our 3 types of foldable baskets we would like to introduce you in our new collection – Fold to Fit

Cubic Basket – The foldable baskets with the organization in style!

Everything will be neater if you can put them in a folding basket. And we had to turn the flat pieces into a complete basket. From there you can save your precious space. 

You can completely fold your cubic foldable baskets when you don’t want to use them. All very quick, easy to spend, but still extremely versatile.

Besides, cubic baskets bring a strange sense of satisfaction when being able to put them neatly on the shelf. We can’t resist designing boxes that perfectly match our customers’ things and fit on their shelves.

It is gratifying to see that everything is always organized and right in front of our eyes, especially those who love to organize.

In various sizes and patterns with versatile uses, users can choose multiple baskets to create a seamless look between the block of the shelves. And finally, it doesn’t have a standard for making a work of art. With the cubic foldable basket, you can play with these pieces, create your baskets and enjoy your own masterpiece.

foldable baskets

Rectangle basket – The master choice for multi functional organization

Sturdy frames, best materials, unique lemon floral weave patterns, storage baskets can enhance the aesthetic of any space.

The foldable rectangle basket is perfect for storing fruits and vegetables outside the refrigerator. And it can help the kitchen in a minimalist but still luxurious and aesthetic way.

Rectangle foldable baskets from Viet Trang have many different sizes and designs for all uses. In addition, users can choose from multiple baskets to create a seamless flow between shelf blocks.

And moreover, the durable, clean line provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to any bathroom décor. In addition, built-in handles allow for easy portability.

Laundry & hampers – The foldable baskets with lifelike large size fits small spaces

It’s hard to imagine that laundry and hampers can be folded and easily transported. But with Viet Trang, the basket solutions we bring to our customers are limitless.

Laundry and Hampers from “Fold to Fit” products hold everything from clothes and blankets to bulk towels. And when you need space to clean, you can completely fold them and store them in any position.

How did we fold the foldable baskets?

You can click here to see how the folding shapes can stick with each other to make the final perfect foldable baskets.

Importers benefit greatly from foldable products in terms of transportation

Consumer demand is still there, requiring businesses to supply continuously. And the shortage of shipping containers mainly caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has directly affected their business.

As a result, the importers are forced to carry out bulk shipments at higher rates than before because they don’t have much choice.

foldable baskets
foldable baskets

Importers are currently facing a shortage of containers and rising freight charges. However, with foldable products, importers can completely pack huge packages in large quantities for one import, reducing shipping costs to a minimum.

And we decided several months ago to bring the transformation into all our homewares, especially the baskets, with the hope of decreasing the burden of expensive freight rates on our customers.

The shipping and packaging process for traditional basket products can take a long time. Then foldable items will be the most effective way to address this issue.

With our foldable baskets, the preparation time for an order is minimized, and the seagrass basket manufacturer can handle it without spending hours packaging, shipping it. At the same time, ship several orders of enormous numbers of foldable baskets. It, therefore, assists in bringing the benefit of transportation without having to spend a lot of freight or transporting additional orders.

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Why Viet Trang Handicrafts is your top trusted partner in Vietnam?

Viet Trang Handicraft is a top trusted natural homewares manufacturer and wholesaler from Vietnam.

  • We are: Export expertise

Working with diversified customers from all five continents in more than 20 countries has brought us professional export practices.

  • We care: Sustainable lifestyle

We love the earth and the people living on it. We would love to do good by doing business. Creating good-for-earth products and paying respects to local farmers and weavers.

  • We think: Another Mindset Of Handicrafts

We provide high-quality handwoven homewares with more than 250 designs of baskets, 150 models of crafted rugs and handwoven furniture. Moreover, we offer the best value for your business with our dedicated design support and modern B2B platform.

foldable baskets

We understand your supply chain requirements and all concerns, such as shipping, packaging and everything for international shipments.

Above is what we would like to introduce to you about our latest collection – Fold To Fit. Hope what we show and our story can touch your needs. Book a call with us to get the full collection and become our partner to get the best deals on the best quality foldable baskets.


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