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Beautifully handcrafted seagrass pendant shade

This handwoven seagrass pendant shade will bring a touch of nature into the user’s house. It casts a soft, inviting light across the space and makes artistic shadows. For people who like a natural rustic appearance at home!

100% handmade from natural fibers. Hang this beautifully handcrafted seagrass pendant light in any room of the house. Guaranteed to bring a natural touch to any space.

seagrass pendant shade wholesale

A lampshade that is suitable for every place

Perfectly sized for a kitchen island, small dining room, or over a desk, this round seagrass pendant light evokes a sunny, warm feeling. 

Seagrass-wrapped shades are ideal for your modern farmhouse, rustic kitchen, or minimalist interior design. This ceiling fixture adds a global-chic touch to the kitchen, dining room, or home office.

Unique handmade pendant giving a welcoming atmosphere to your house

This design of open weave lamp shade with the art of running stripes would brighten your room with unique strikes of lights. 

As a decorative item, this natural lamp shade also brings you a warm and cozy feeling of the materials’ aroma and lulls you to good sleep.

seagrass pendant light

With a special open weave pattern, we hope the designs of our open weave lampshades remind you that There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in as beautiful words of the songwriter, Leonard Cohen.

Getting that inspiration, this eco-friendly lampshade could offer you respite from the outside world, relishing your sustainable lifestyle as being a special item for your home decoration.

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Best-selling seagrass pendant light for importers that any customer will love

Any house setting is appropriate for this design. Users can bring a warm light source with a seagrass pendant shade into the living room or totally illuminate the dining table. The light dispersion will be greater due to the spherical form.

seagrass oendant light category

This seagrass pendant shade is our most popular product for importers. It has a basic round shape with a classic pattern that will suit a wide range of home decor styles.

Each lampshade such as the seagrass pendant shade is unique since it is made of seagrass with natural color variations and is hand-woven by skilled craftspeople. With two sizes to choose from, you can easily combine them in different home spaces.

For seagrass pendant light wholesale, Viet Trang can offer:

–        100% handmade from eco-friendly materials

–        Domestically sourced from Vietnamese farmers nationwide

–        Handwoven by weavers from Nga Sơn Villages, Thanh Hoa province.

–        Non-toxic and sustainably produced.

–        Customizable based on clients’ requirements.

We enjoy weaving. Likewise, you ought to. Natural aesthetics are currently very in. Our natural seagrass pendant shade is your ticket to bringing a little zen into your home because it was made of natural seagrass by Vietnamese artists.

Seagrass pendant light wholesale and Viet Trang want to deliver the highest-quality products to our partners and make a beneficial influence on the environment through our seagrass pendant light. This is done through a professional approach and dedication when manufacturing products. 

Besides, following seagrass pendant shade, in particular, Viet Trang is prepared to develop sample products in accordance with individual customer specifications. We utilize a group of talented artisans that are always producing and innovating to better their abilities. Quality and design are fully guaranteed by Viet Trang to meet customer expectations and descriptions.

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Please note that as this seagrass pendant light is completely handmade from natural materials, the seagrass pendant shade may have slight differences in size, shape, and color from the shown images.

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