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Top 5 signature Woven Pot Planter for sustainable living

Experiencing many social upheavals, political situations, or simply obstacles in life, especially after a long chaotic time of pandemic, users are shifting toward a more sustainable way of life. A sustainable lifestyle and mindful living are still the norm in 2022 as they recognize the importance of balance.


And home place is the first impact that comes from lifestyle. An area with many trees can help people be more likely to feel serenity and relax, prompting them to have a concept of earth and life saving in mind. Home-grown plants somehow improve living space, purify air and protect the environment. And thus they are going on the way of achieving a sustainable living, which enhances the exploding of woven pot planter

woven pot planter

Here are top 5 signature woven pot planter with diverse designs, natural and environmentally friendly materials that make up the Viet Trang position.

Let’s find out and choose the most suitable products for our customers.

1. Viet Trang’s best-selling Belly Planter Basket RO-A

This is a basic design but very popular in the market. The RO-A belly planter is ideal for any room space and any home design style because of its minimal patterns and tight knitting.


With a neutral brown tone from natural seagrass, natural woven planters can help the home space become more cozy and mindful.

The best seagrass manufacturer, Viet Trang, in particular, creates convenience through innovative design. RO-A woven pot planter can be collapsible, allowing customers to fold it while not in use.


This seems to be a must-have item in protecting houseplants and nature-oriented lifestyle. Belly planter basket is crafted exclusively of natural materials by skilled craftspeople.


  • Material: Seagrass
  • Color: Natural Light Brown 
woven pot planter
handwoven planter
woven pot planter
woven pot planter

2. Woven pot planter with handles NA-B09

Another simple but very aesthetic design that also contributes to creating a minimal and elegant room space, our planter with handles NA -B09.


Natural fibers are weaved skillfully and meticulously by our delicate artisans to ensure a sturdy storage for even large and heavy pots. The woven pot planter with handles NA-B09 makes it simple to move houseplants for sunbathing or into another corner. 


The natural white tone of palm leaf and seagrass material is ideal for individuals who desire elegance while maintaining a trendy look in their living space.


  • Material: Palm leaf, Seagrass
  • Color: Natural Green, Natural White

3. Round woven planter basket NA-B06

Round woven pot planter is designed to follow the pot’s shape for better protection. With a tight knitting technique, the safety for the pot is even higher, but without losing the aesthetic thanks to the special fishbone pattern. 

This planter’s round shape allows it to fit a wide range of pots, and it comes in a variety of sizes.  This will be an easy choice for customers thanks to its convenience and style, which is not too unusual, bold, but still fashionable and eye-catching.


The artists of Viet Trang always put their heart and spirit into their work in order to produce products with high aesthetics and sustainability.


  • Material: Water hyacinth, Seagrass
  • Color: Natural Brown
woven pot planter

4. Water hyacinth planter with metal frame NA-B23

Unlike previous planters with tight knits, this one has an open knit that allows us to view the pot inside. As a result, this will be appropriate for covering pots with appealing patterns and designs that consumers do not wish to conceal.


The metal frame, on the other hand, emphasizes the planter’s sturdiness through its design and structure. This item is perfect for large potted plants that require a frame to keep them from breaking.

Water hyacinth is a natural material that is both eco-friendly and prevalent. The natural brown color and texture of the thick fibers are both appealing, but the most compelling reason for that is the environmental benefits that products created from this material provide.


  • Material: Water Hyacinth, Metal frame
  • Color: Natural Brown

5. Brandnew product – Woven vase tree collar ML-B27

One thing to keep in mind about Tree Collar planter designs is that the open knits are wider than conventional woven planter designs.


The woven pot planter designed in vase shape is an interesting highlight of our SowL collection. The creativity of Viet Trang’s team and artisans has never been limited. Besides superior quality, we focus on style and trends.

The bottomless design prevents plants from retaining water, to allow them to develop more freely with an airy space. 


The beauty is expressed in skillful knitting. In particular, the natural white color from wholesale fibers will make the home space that is equipped with planters look more luxurious, bright, and fresh.


  • Material: Palm leaf
  • Color: Natural white

Woven Pot Planter “SowL” Collection – Mid year 2022’s Latest Lookbook from Viet Trang

Viet Trang’s products always follow the needs of customers and the consumption trends of the market, and of course, we cannot ignore the Houseplant trends in 2022 to introduce a new collection of woven pot planter

Through our 2022 Mid-year lookbook “SowL” – Woven pot planter collection, we hope you can be back to nature right just inside your home to find peace and balance so that you can overcome obstacles in life.

woven pot planter

It is our pleasure to bring you stunning collections. We pay great respect to our artisans who delicately bring creative ideas into innovative weaving techniques. Therefore, we would appreciate your cooperation in not sending our designs to other suppliers and we strive for a long-term and sustainable partnership with you.

What Viet Trang can offer you?

Good quality and service

For the quality control: The manufactured goods will be subjected to sampling inspection by our quality control inspectors, maintaining your product being produced at the highest level.

For your design demand: We create beautiful natural homewares and handwoven decorative objects that follow your requirements and taste.

Innovative product designs

We would love to bring traditional and cultural products into our modern lives, bring natural woven pot planter products into our city lives, and narrow the gap between local artisans with our sustainable consumers.

We provide up-to-date and aesthetic handwoven homewares with more than 250 designs of baskets including the new design of woven pot planter, 150 models of crafted rugs, and handwoven furniture. Moreover, we offer the best value for your business with our dedicated design support and modern B2B platform.

Marketing materials

We provide beautiful photos of our handwoven planter products and craftsmanship to help you deliver messages of handicraft homewares to your customers. Also, we always try to enhance more journals and reports about cultural craftsmanship and sustainability for your input marketing materials.

handwoven planter

Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to receive the most detailed information about the SowL collection and woven pot planter. Viet Trang is always ready to serve the partners who have placed their trust in us.