Impact Chapter Vietnam Program: Viet Trang Handicraft is selected into Top 12

Overcoming nearly 80 initiatives and enterprises in Vietnam, Viet Trang Handicraft is proud to be in the top 12 enterprises selected to participate in this program.

Together with Impact Chapter Vietnam, Viet Trang Handicraft hopes to spread awareness of the importance of social impact. We will always continue to contribute to a sustainable society and pursue providing eco-friendly products.

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Viet Trang Handicraft is selected into Top 12 of Impact Chapter Vietnam

Seeing the connection between Viet Trang’s vision and Impact Chapter Vietnam’s meaning, last May, we delightly decided to register in this program with the hope of spreading social impact together. Overcoming nearly 80 initiatives and enterprises in Vietnam, we are now proud to be in the top 12 enterprises selected to participate in this program and receive a $2000 grant award at this stage. 

This will serve as a big incentive for us as we continue to make thorough preparations for the program’s upcoming events. Our short-term objective is to be one of the two enterprises chosen in the pre-investment round happening from June to August 2022 to get the $10,000 award, but above all, we hope to learn the values and lessons of social impact and how we can keep developing sustainability.

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*source: CSIP

By participating in the program, Viet Trang hopes that through household products made from natural fibers, we can bring positive impacts to the ecosystem with a sustainable lifestyle for everyone, contributing to environmental protection.

Thereby, we will strive more in the future to not only become the trusted Vietnamese homeware manufacturer but also preserve Vietnamese traditional craftsmanship with our talented artisans.

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Let’s follow and support us on this journey to help enhance a better sustainable living!

About Impact Chapter Vietnam

Impact Chapter Vietnam is a sustainable growth program for impact makers who are fiercely contemplating solutions for a better world. This is organized by Center for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP) – and Merry Year Social Company (mysc), as close partners that help and invest in businesses for social innovation. 

Through this program, they support impact enterprises to rapidly grow with financial or non-financial impact and be well equipped with ESG management.

The appropriate enterprises for Impact Chapter Vietnam should be ones seeking pre-A investment and especially working in the Digital and Green industries. They are expected to identify critical social problems and solve them through business and create decent jobs in promising industries. 



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*source: CSIP

About CSIP – Center for Social Initiatives Promotion

CSIP develops the social entrepreneurship ecosystem and builds a strong community of social enterprises across Vietnam, as well as regionally. They achieve this by Inspiring, Empowering and Connecting social enterprises and social entrepreneurs who are solving social and environmental issues through their sustainable and creative business solutions. 

By supporting more than 260 impact enterprises, creating about 1500 jobs for the underprivileged and connecting over 120,000 organizations and individuals, CSIP is deserved to be a leading Vietnam-based organization working to promote social innovation.


What Viet Trang Handicraft has done for sustainable social impact:

Our philosophy: “Handicrafts for sustainable lifestyle”

We would love to bring traditional and cultural products worldwide and narrow the gap between local artisans and sustainable consumers. With the vision of being the top trusted and sustainable manufacturer in Vietnam handicrafts industry, we keep creating high-quality handicrafts products with strong value and consideration of social and environmental impacts. Viet Trang pride ourselves on empowering our artisans, protecting the environment and preserving Vietnamese traditional craftsmanship. 

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The artisans' smile is our big motivation to enhance this traditional craftsmanship

“Handicrafts for sustainable lifestyle” 

We always try to bring the best working environment to our artisans

We commit to preserving our traditional weaving process by mindfully using natural materials such as seagrass, water hyacinth, palm leaf or corn husk leaf. We also make sure that our production process doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. 

We provide stable income for 30 full-time weavers and above 500 seasonal weavers specifically for the local women, to help passing down the craftsmanship culture in Nga Son village, Thanh Hoa from their ancestors for years and enhancing it.

Retaining the tradition does not mean being bound to it and ignoring evolution and market trends. Our product design process is beautiful between traditional skills, craftsmanship from our artisans and the creativity from our designer’s team and our designer volunteers who get inspired from the local livelihoods, market consciousness, and their magnificent imagination. 

With more than 250 designs of woven homewares, we have also launched more than 9 lookbooks and updated new collections every year.

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Our achievements on the journey of sustainable development

In addition to developing sustainable business activities, we work to establish connections with organizations that care about and have an influence on social concerns. We constantly seek to comprehend the distressing issues happening and to raise the voice for greater social awareness through enhancing connection with partners and organizations who share our mission and vision.

Viet Trang has also proudly received recognition on this journey from many of the organizations we’ve been involved with. Especially recently, we were just named the winner of the category of Inclusive Business within the framework of the Asia-Pacific Innovation Partnership Award 2022 launched and organized by the Government of Taiwan.

Thanks to all of these recognition, Viet Trang are much encouraged to consistently create positive values for the community and pursue sustainability.