Vifa Expo 2022

Vifa Expo 2022 – Preserve some great moments

In the last two years the “directly” trade fair business was strongly affected by the pandemic and some other social reasons. And after the freezing period, last August and early September 2022, the Vifa Expo 2022, the international trade fair was held in Ho Chi Minh City, and Viet Trang Craft took advantage of this opportunity to network with and exchange customers at the expo.

vifa expo 2022
Viet Trang team at the Vifa Expo 2022

Great opportunity to meet and connect with partners and customers

The expo took place from August 31 to September 3. During the event, The Viet Trang team had the chance to interact with more than 300 prospective customers at the fair.

Additionally, at the expo, we had the chance to speak with and have direct conversations with our value partners, they are companies that have cooperated with Viet Trang from the past time to the present. Once more, thank you for attending so that we could talk explicitly about how the two sides will cooperate in the future.

vifa expo 2022
vifa expo 2022

What did we bring to Vifa Expo 2022?

Coming to Vifa Expo 2022, besides the quality product lines and previously launched collections, Viet Trang has developed completely new product lines such as home decor, furniture, pet supplies, etc. Products from new product lines are selected by Viet Trang for products with a closed and professional inspection stage.

And not only that, Viet Trang is also developing other materials suitable to the market and the needs of customers such as Rattan, Bamboo, Jute… all of which were displayed and introduced at the recent Vifa Expo 2022.

woven storage baskets

More specifically, at the event, because we wanted to bring a green booth, we actively helped visitors recycle straws and masks. Recyclable products should continue their life cycle with our sustainability and consciousness.

Preserve great moments from preparation days

To prepare well for the Trade Fair, Viet Trang’s team has been planning since July, as well as weaving new products to keep up with the day of the fair.

With a total of more than 50 products on display and more than 80 presents and samples ready, our primary goal is to increase the likelihood of long-term collaboration with numerous domestic and international partners. We are certain that we can deliver the best wicker products in accordance with the particular requests of clients and that we can react swiftly to the needs of our partners.

For our valued guests who were unable to attend this trade fair in Vietnam, we will show you what you missed. Use the hotline number and website address on the screen to get in touch with Viet Trang. I’m Trang; So again, this’s Trang thank you; goodbye, and talk to you soon.

Once again thank you partners and see you at the next fair.