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Benefits of purchasing the value packages

Viet Trang’s value purchase packages were born after being considered from the analyzed and aggregated information about the product’s potential. From there, Viet Trang offers corresponding offers to help customers easily choose and shorten the time to order and shipping.

In particular, Viet Trang’s value purchase packages selected and recommended to customers include the best-selling products recorded by Viet Trang from the third quarter of 2021. Thereby, customers will have a more intuitive view of the market trends for each product line, helping customers come to a more suitable decision for their order.

fodable seagrass baskets

Visualize a complete order from Vietnam

By ordering value packages, customers will observe specific images of specific items with corresponding quantities.

Thereby helping customers visualize the details of an order for containers such as 20DC, 40DC, and 40 HQ so that customers can accurately quantify the required budget when placing an order.

Packages will include:

  1. Product details
  2. Specific pictures
  3. Product price
  4. Package information when loading the container

Specifically from the package as follows:

  • FCL: The value package combines product lines including carpets, baskets, pouf, … to arrange on the container to fit. 


  • LCL: Value package for customers who buy in small quantities or want to test the market. Estimated order value from under $3000.


  • Sample: This is the value package for the new product group. With the sample package, customers can view samples of products to see the quality and design of each type.


fodable seagrass baskets

Cost optimization for existing orders

With value package, especially for foldable products, the bulk purchase becomes more convenient and optimal as we can combine multiple foldable products by nesting them together. This saves space for your parcel.

Partners can rest assured that the integration of products will affect the original appearance of the product. Since foldable products have removable shapes, we can completely combine them without worrying about losing their shape or having problems during transportation.

Educate Benefit 5

Due to packing and stuffing optimization, the value delivered by only one container containing a full set of foldable will be several times more than previously because the FTF kit provided by Viet Trang will help customers increase the number of goods in the container 3-4 times compared to conventional products.

fodable seagrass baskets

Customers will no longer be concerned about empty container space or purchases, but the value of the items delivered will be less than the freight cost. Because with the value package that Viet Trang provides, we make the most of the small gaps of 1-3cbm in the existing containers in Vietnam or Viet Trang to bring the complete quantity of products on order.

About Foldable Baskets: The extra-large items fit in a small space

Because of its flexibility and stability, the value of 20ft containers can be even higher than that of 40ft containers with foldable items. The goods can be stuffed even in the residual spaces.

Collapsible furniture may fill 2 to 3 CMB of one container with 300 to 400 items

fodable seagrass baskets

You may take full advantage of this smart function to increase the value of your order by using existing containers that you have already placed from Vietnam. More items may be added to its tight and flat interior top areas, ensuring that your valuable shipping space is never wasted.

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