Viet Trang’s Showroom – We’re ready to welcome you

Viet Trang’s Showroom – We’re ready to welcome you

Viet Trang not only focuses on product quality but also constantly upgrades service experience to work better with value partners. And to be able to look at the products more clearly and create a friendly space for partners to exchange business with Viet Trang. We invite our partners to our Ho Chi Minh City showroom.

The latest and best-selling products of Viet Trang will always be updated and displayed at the showroom.

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Why you should choose Viet Trang as baskets on wall decor supplier:

For woven round pouf, In 2023, Viet Trang continued to receive large orders of baskets from both long-term and new partners. Receiving the trust of partners, Viet Trang increasingly asserts ourself as an export expertise and high-quality products manufacturer.

We are: Expertise in Handicraft Manufacturer and Exporter

We have: A professional process!

We commit to preserving our traditional weaving process by mindfully using natural materials. We also make sure that our production doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Firstly, we collect materials from the fields, then come to the fibers processing.

The fibers are split, twisted, or braided depending on the design. Then it’s time for hand-weaving: the primary process that makes fibers come to life in an artistic form. In these final steps, the craft pieces will be finished by shaping, cleaning, and drying. After this, they are retouched, packaged and shipped to happy shelters around the world.

woven seagrass baskets
harvesting seagrass from the field
woven seagrass baskets
drying the collected seagrass

The fibers going through a long and professional process to become a high quality crafted baskets, woven round pouf…

woven baskets wholesale
fibers processing
wicker basket wholesale

We supply: Innovative and quality woven baskets by local artisans

There are 30 full-time weavers and above 500 seasonal weavers who grew up surrounded by natural fiber especially seagrass and weaving skills that have been passed down from their ancestors for years. 

Inheriting not only the weaving skill but also the love in craftsmanship, our artisans are passionate about incorporating the traditional weaving into their work. This technique requires all steps done by hands. Therefore, our craftsmen must have rich experience and skillful techniques that nonstop develop through the decades to create the best handicraft products.

woven baskets wholesale

Retaining the tradition does not mean being bound to it and ignoring evolution and market trends. Our product design process is beautiful between traditional skills, craftsmanship from our artisans and the creativity from our designer’s team and our designer volunteers who get inspired from the local livelihoods, market consciousness, and their magnificent imagination. 

With a variety of designs in handwoven products, and high quality for basket weaving supplies, we offer the best value for your business in woven storage baskets wholesale with our dedicated design support and modern B2B platform.

We support: Marketing materials

Beside basket weaving supplies, we provide beautiful photos of our woven storage baskets and craftsmanship to help you deliver messages of handicraft homewares to your customers. Also, we always try to enhance more journals and reports about cultural craftsmanship and sustainability for your input marketing materials.

We have also launched more than 10 lookbooks and updated new collections every year.

woven baskets wholesale

Contact us for brining the sustainability lifestyle for your users

More creativity and development in the design and design of luxury products including woven storage baskets wholesale is the difference of Viet Trang.

We combine the traditional features of the knitting village with the contemporary features of life to suit the needs of consumers. Our products are not only popular but also durable, bringing a sustainable life to users.

Please book a call with us  immediately to receive more useful information about these wonderful, eco-friendly rug wholesale products.