Photo Journal 2019: Phan Thiet Company Trip

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Phan Thiet Company Trip

After The Lifestyle Fair in April 2019, Viet Trang decided to take a small break before getting back to work. We chose to go sightseeing and had a company outing in Phan Thiet Beach, Binh Thuan Province.

Phan Thiet Beach With The Breathtaking Scenery 2019

     Fascinating Phan Thiet beaches with the breathtaking scenery

This is one of the most fascinating beaches in Vietnam, and its scenery is breathtaking. It’s all about the wide blue sky, the fresh cool water, the immense white sands and so on. Fortunately, we arrived on a glorious sunny day, so our photos seemed as beautiful as a well-photoshopped image.

Company Trip Phan Thiet 1

Activities in Phan Thiet of Viet Trang team

We had fun by the beach by the morning, played some Uno games, tried various seafood dishes and threw a nice and cozy BBQ party at night. It was one of the best company trips ever as everything was in harmony.