Social Impact Assessment by Shujog: Our Thank You Note

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Social Impact Assessment by Shujog

Thanks to Oxfam and GRAISEA – a regional program funded by the Government of Sweden, Viet Trang is honored to be the first Vietnam enterprise receiving a social impact assessment conducted by a trusted and experienced agent in the social impact assessment field – Shujog Limited.

It means a lot to us as our impacts have been recognized by other parties with a trustable and certified assessment. After conducting both desks research and field visits, a report has been generated with what we have done to contribute to society in very specifically quantitive and qualitative information. We would like to share the report summary with you because we believe our partners will acknowledge the social values we are sharing in business, and also let you know that your purchase brings many benefits to the society too.

In summary, Shujog recognizes that Viet Trang is a triple bottom line company. Alongside generating profit, we also empower people and benefit the planet as outlined in the attached file. Our Social Return on Investment of $1:$2.84 in 2016 and $1:$4.54 over 2016 – 2018 as our sales and investment increase. This is genuinely a piece of positive news that we are proud to share with you. Please kindly find the attachment for more specific information about what exactly we do to empower our weavers, preserve our traditional craftsmanship and protect the environment. Moreover, Shujog ( has also just launched a video about social impact assessment featuring Viet Trang works. Hope you enjoy it!