Won The Gold Award Of The 2016 Empretec Women In Business Award

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Ms. Tran Thi Viet Won The Gold Award Of The 2016 Empretec Women In Business Award By UNCTAD

We are very proud to share our good news with you that our founder, Ms. Tran Thi Viet, just won the Gold Award of the 2016 Emprectec Women in Business Award by UNCTAD for her contribution to sustainable homewares and traditional craftmanship empowerment.

Viet Trang Craft founder 2016 Emprectec Women in Bussiness Award UNCTAD

Mrs. Viet was proud to receive the award of the 2016 Emprectec Women in Bussiness Award by UNCTAD


Biannually organized, this UNCTAD’s Empretec Women in Business Awards (E-WBA) to propose women entrepreneurs trained with the UNCTAD’ Empretec Programme. The first ceremony of this award to be launched in Ghana since 2008. After then, the next events were in other places such as Geneva and Doha to recognize the excellent women who have been being successful in developing ideal businesses, creating more jobs for the locals in their towns.


The award honors her contribution to creating local jobs, increasing labor income, utilizing labor materials to create added values and protect the environment and empowering women for gender equality. The business manufactures naturally sustainable homewares such as water hyacinth rugs, seagrass poufs, natural fiber baskets with the ambition to promote a sustainable lifestyle.


Viet Trang Handicrafts is always proud of our standardized quality homewares to provide to regular customers via developing years. The award brings us a huge motivation to keep our business moving forward along with our promised values. Most importantly, we would like to take this chance to express our deep gratitude for your patronage. Definitely, we do believe there is no award without your support. Let’s keep in touch and we promise to bring more and more values in the future.