Experts say: For interior design, these things will be everywhere in 2022

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For Interior Design, these things will be everywhere in 2022

After all, when designing a living space, we must consider happiness and health. And it makes even more sense when designing a living space that encourages users to live mindfully by incorporating sustainable home products.

One of the strong inspirations for interior designers to create quality products suitable for all living spaces in 2022 is Mindful living – unlock your authentic self. Here are a few comments from the world’s interior decoration experts about Mindful living in 2022’s Interior design.

Aside from the work problems that are constantly on your mind, you begin to think more about yourself, life, and your perception of everything around you. From there, you’ll devote more time to your inner self, the mental space where you feel at ease. The home decoration trend of 2022 – Mindful Living – will assist you in doing just that. It is neither far-fetched nor difficult to believe.

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Mindful Spaces –  a deeper awareness of our spaces

“Next year will bring about a deeper awareness of our spaces and the impact they have on our emotions and wellbeing. We will see more spaces that have personality and personal ties to interests, hobbies and pleasures of its owner.”Marie Cloud, Indigo Pruitt Design Studio.

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Multifunctional Spaces

“People are starting to understand that they can live with less, especially after the past year. People will start to downsize, or stay in their current homes and become creative with how their spaces can be multifunctional. For example: having your living room be part office. Or office-workout rooms.” Amy Leferink, Interior Impressions

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“A major thing for everyone must be Sustainability!”

Sustainability has become a major issue for everyone, as it should. Looking into the sustainability of everything is a must and it is really excellent that so many designers are trying to learn what the best materials are to use for the long-term health of our eco-system. Luckily, there is a lot to choose from!” — Robert and Cortney Novogratz for The Shade Store.

Make your own mindful living space: Cultivating Peace And Balance At Home

Decorating with Mindfulness can be a very rewarding experience for you and your family. Living in the present moment in your own home is priceless. And here’s some notes that you can use for creating your own mindful-living space.

Concentrate on Nature

We now crave the outdoors more than ever after more than two years of lockdown. As a result, in 2022, everything will be centered on being immersed in nature. Products that are inspired by nature will be used to decorate the home.

Bringing nature into the home has been shown to improve health, provide comfort, and create motivation for daily living activities. To be able to bring lovely potted plants into the house, the first thing to consider is having items that can hold it as well as the appropriate space to bring nature into the house. Planter baskets will thus become more popular in 2022.

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Brown tones as our neutrals

Consider the color pine brown. In 2022, this brown tone will undoubtedly become a focal point in the interior design industry. Sustainability is an important key directly related to Mindful-living, with popular design styles including Japandi, Rustic, and Contemporary.

Their tones easily blend with brown tones, creating a sense of calm in the background. Furthermore, brown is a symbol of stability and longevity. After all, what we value most in life is our own life and health.

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Minimalism is always a good choice for any living space, especially with Mindful-living as a home trend for 2022. The necessary restraint in decoration will allow you to relax and enjoy the moment. Your kitchen will be more peaceful with the necessary items while minimizing the obtrusive and perplexing decoration.

Achieving a minimalist home may seem like a difficult task, but it can be really easy to achieve” expert Thomas explained.

‘When attempting to achieve a minimalist living space, decluttering is a great place to start. ‘Tidy up old clothes and books, and try not to hoard anything unnecessarily’

A space to meditate

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and create mental space, but do you have a place to do it? While meditation can be practiced anywhere in the home, designating a specific area will allow you to reap the full benefits.

‘Seek out a spot in your home where you feel the most comfortable, away from any potential distractions,’ says Thomas.

Keep the room or space clean and uncluttered, and keep the lighting in mind. Natural light is preferable for meditation; however, this is not always possible, so consider adding lamps to brighten the room.’

‘In 2022, we will see an increased usage of natural materials – from decorative elements to furniture itself. We’ll also see calm, nature-inspired colors and textures become more prevalent, especially in communal spaces like the living room.

Earthy textures, organic natural shapes, raw materials, and greenery will all be elements that ground the home for design longevity,’ says Milwaukee-based interior designer Anna Franklin of Stone House Collective. And this is also how we can help you be present by incorporating natural surroundings.

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The 2022 Spring collection from Viet Trang – Mindful Living is coming soon!

Capturing market trends and the increasingly popular Mindful-living lifestyle, combined with a sustainable lifestyle, Viet Trang is about to launch a Spring collection called Mindful Living.

The collection will include completely new products that have never been released on the market of Viet Trang, which are both durable and space-saving.

Besides, we also create this catalog with more spaces suitable for a mindful-living lifestyle, helping users step by step connect living space with their inner people. From there, bring a good life with everyday moments worth enjoying.

Leave us your information to be the first to own Viet Trang’s latest collection.


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