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Top trend interior design 2022: Go green with houseplants and woven planter basket

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According to experts, houseplants with woven planter basket will be one of the interior design trends in 2022. People are gradually moving towards sustainable and green living as a result of messy lives and serious environmental problems. Back to nature might be a way to find peace and balance to go through obstacles in life.

woven planter basket
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Houseplants in interior design

There is almost no limit in adding nature-inspired design to any style. The emphasis on natural and sustainable elements, in particular, is growing in favor as their aesthetics become more elegant and appealing. Home design styles inspired by this trend, such as Japandi, Wabi sabi, or Scandinavian, all require greenery inputs in the space and decorations. The common characteristics of these styles are the high quality of tranquil, mild and breezy. 

woven planter basket
Japandi Style (source: Internet)
Scandinavian Style (source: Internet)

Lush and leafy may create a sense of fulfillment, renewal and stability. There is no need for a separate landscape for gardening; only a few plants with woven planter basket in the zone can provide all of the relaxing feelings we pursue. A small dot of green and brown is enough to create a purifying and soothing space and even can enhance a better connection between mind and nature.

Sustainability trend enhances greenery interior design with woven planter basket

Sustainability for a mindful living

Until now sustainable and mindful living still explodes. What we must acknowledge is that, over the last two years, everything around us has gradually changed as a result of the pandemic’s strong impact. 

We are returning to normal but chaotic life, spinning with work and relationships, leaving us easily confused in our minds and finding it difficult to approach rapid changes after a long period of isolation due to the lockdown. With all of those challenges, from social upheavals, political situations, to obstacles in life, we simply enjoy ourselves the most in our sanctuary. We return to the place where we live each day and make it more alive, thereby also giving ourselves a sense of healing and peace.

woven planter basket
simply enjoy ourselves the most in our sanctuary...

The market is shifting toward a more sustainable way of life. A sustainable lifestyle, which is gradually becoming the norm as users recognize the importance of balance, is no longer as busy or vibrant as it once was. And it is the first impact that comes from lifestyle, living space decoration, making your house more harmonious with nature and greenery will help you be more mindful in daily life.

Achieving sustainable lifestyle with green living 

With today’s trend of limited space houses, having a garden is also becoming scarce. So, growing indoor plants can assist homeowners in bringing nature into their homes without requiring large landscapes or much effort. An area with many trees can help people be more likely to feel serenity and relax, prompting them to have a concept of earth and life saving in mind. Home-grown plants somehow improve living space, purify air and protect the environment. And thus we are going on the way of achieving a sustainable living. 

woven planter basket

The green living concept includes not only the input of home-grown plants, but also the selection of green items in the process of caring for and nurturing them. The use of a woven planter basket to protect houseplants and decorate is both necessary and eco-friendly. 


Natural fibers such as seagrass, water hyacinth, and palm leaf are used to make woven planter basket, which are safe for both the plant within and the environment. The woven planter basket is quite popular in home décor according to its brown tone and modern pattern. It makes the planter pot simpler to harmonize with the home space by neutral colors and multiple shapes and sizes for a wide selection.


Woven planter basket, especially with handles, makes it more convenient for users to take care of houseplants. Easy to move into any corners, safer against crash.

As houseplants explode in 2022, we believe woven planter basket would be the next winning products. 

woven planter basket

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