Mindfulness in Kitchen with handwoven baskets

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Mindfulness in Kitchen with handwoven baskets

There’s a place in our house where we can freely enjoy or try something new made from ourselves or our beloved person. There’s a place where we can experience more through our senses. And it’ll be so perfect that we design that place to be more mindful; we bring the mindfulness in every corner of our home to more connecting with our inner self. Yes, we talk about the kitchen, the heart of the home and it will be so perfect if we keep the heartbeat with some natural items such as natural handwoven baskets.

To talk about mindfulness in the kitchen, we can quickly think about convenience. This article will hint you some tips or handwoven baskets that are perfect for the Kitchen interior design that can bring your kitchen more and more convenience.

handwoven baskets

For the eye: Calm colors to soothe the spirit

We suggest the brown!

For Kitchen, we will not want to see everything around us covered by the hot color tones, because that makes our smood turn into more rush and not comfortable.

handwoven baskets
ML-B03 M

The brown brings a sense of reliability. Brown is often seen as wood, much like the earth, and it’s a color often associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety. Besides, feelings of warmth, comfort, and security.

Brown in handwoven baskets is often described as natural, down-to-earth, and conventional. Everything that can be attributed to nature and nature will bring your eyes a feeling of lightness.

Pair a brown napkin holder with the seagrass handwoven baskets and natural linen for a palette that is both effortless and warm. The ceramic bowls and plates connected with natural tones are calming and pleasing to the eye.

Mindfulness by bring Nature to “Heart” – Good for feeling, good for health

handwoven baskets
Brand new product: ML-B21

The use of each plant will be different, but surely when placing plants or flowers in the kitchen space, your kitchen will add colour but still retain the inherent peace.

Bringing nature from handicraft items such as water hyacinth handwoven baskets into the kitchen helps decorate the kitchen with more colors and partly brings health value to the kitchen users.

The brown tone of the wood, combined with the soft green tone of the tree, will bring coherence to the overall colour tone of the room. Colours will be even more connected when using kitchen utensils made from natural fibres with natural brown and green colours from water hyacinth, seagrass, palm leaf, etc.

Especially when you get the handwoven baskets that can store plants and easily store the kitchen ingredients, all will bring you great experiences in terms of emotions and health.

The handwoven baskets for everything in its place

“In fact, of all the tasks we do in our daily lives, using the kitchen offers a wonderful opportunity for us to train the mind to be present.”

It’s more important than ever to cultivate a way of life that promotes well-being, and starting at Kitchen is a good place to start. The kitchen, in particular, is a hub of activity and often the hardest working room in the house;

 However, while kitchens adapt well to multiple uses, they can also become cluttered, chaotic spaces if not well managed. 

Make space for items that need to be stored and leave open shelves empty to hold only your favorite items. Use multi-functional handwoven baskets to store many different items, suitable for saving space and expanding space.

handwoven baskets
handwoven baskets

It will be very satisfying when the things we need are neatly arranged and convenient so that we can reach for them. Besides, using kitchen items made from natural materials like handwoven baskets will be the best way to remind you of living in harmony with nature and being environmentally friendly.

Create your mindful moments with every corner in Kitchen

Not only Kitchen but also every home space. Making a space in the home for mindful moments, with soft cushions and throws made from natural fibers, makes it easier to remember to allow that restful time. A nook by the window connects you to the outdoors as you sip your favorite mug of warming green tea.

handwoven baskets

We’re not sure we’ll be able to design your entire space as mindful as you’d like. But we are sure that handwoven baskets will create a mindful-living space for users.

For example, the handwoven baskets Kitchen storage in our latest Mindful Living collection. They make your kitchen space more spacious, as well as more comfortable with the multifunctionality they bring.

Socializing is good for the soul, using natural handwoven items, why not?

Have friends around and let yourself enjoy the occasion with them – don’t get stuck in the kitchen. Create sharing dishes, you’ll get to enjoy the conversation, and they’ll feel more at home by serving themselves. 

A large tablecloth creates a beautiful centerpiece for relaxed dining. At the same time, placemats and napkin rings are perfect and bring the formal but not too much for more informal entertaining occasions.

handwoven baskets
Placemats: ML-PM02 , ML-PM04

And more storage handwoven baskets brings more convenience to The Kitchen

In her latest Mindful Living collection, Viet Trang wants to contribute to building a Mindfulness living space for users through brand new handwoven baskets, which have never been released before by Viet Trang. Besides sustainability, we aim for convenience with multifunctional handwoven baskets.


When you imagine,  you create.  When you make it  a combo, you are saving space

We create more choices for our partners by choosing to order by combo. Diverse combo, comfortable to choose products suitable for customers’ needs. With Viet Trang, the handicraft handwoven baskets made not only bring sustainable value to the lifestyle of consumers, but also bring business value to the partners who have trusted us.

handwoven baskets
handwoven baskets

The design may change in this collection, but our values will not. We believe that mindful interior design extends not only to how we consume it but also to how we create products.

All the handwoven baskets are made from sustainable and finest resources. Furthermore, we strive to be good corporate citizens, protect the environment, and provide a great workplace for our talented artisans.

Viet Trang’s 2022 Spring Collection: Mindful Living – Best homewares for Mindfulness Lifestyle

It is our pleasure to bring you stunning collections. We pay great respect to our artisans who delicately bring creative ideas into innovative weaving techniques. Therefore, we would appreciate your cooperation in not sending our designs to other suppliers and we strive for a long-term and sustainable partnership with you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to receive the most detailed information about the Mindful Living collection. Viet Trang is always ready to serve the partners who have placed their trust in us.


To receive lots of incentives with dedicated and professional service...

Viet Trang is highly pleased to launch our brand new spring collection called Mindful Living with those compelling reasons. The collection is inspired by mindfulness. It is a lifestyle and mindful consumption that will help you create an effective connection with your inner self.

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