Interior Design Announces 2019 Hall of Fame

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A few weeks ago, thanks to our contribution to society even though we were increasing improving the lives of local people and promoting environmentally friendly consumption, I was honored to participate in a program. The ASEAN Young Entrepreneurship Initiative (YBLI) of the New Zealand Asia Foundation.

I have met many people who have put lots of efforts to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Ecostore founded by the Ecoman who are battling nasty chemicals to provide healthy house supplies. Sustainable Coastlines founded by a passionate surfer to protect the ocean from trash and plastic bags. Awesome mates are doing sustainable housing, sustainable fashion through organic cotton from Thailand, recycling business from Myanmar, sustainable tourism NZ, Philippines, and Triip. me proudly from Vietnam or sustainable fishing from my Philippines Woman or innovative material from mushroom from Indonesia. All of them had really boosted my work energy again by what they are doing. We are from different fields and different countries but hold a belief and passion for doing business while still conscious of social, environment values

In most presentations and introductions, I saw the pride in their eyes when introducing their generations and the way they treat the next generations. I saw the appreciation of the connection between people and the connection between people with nature. I saw how they are conscious of sustainable Consuming like zero waste, saying no to plastic, no printer in offices. Looking at the way that they try their best to contribute to building a sustainable life gives me more and more motivation to continue focusing on what our business is doing: raise awareness and promote a sustainable lifestyle through producing eco – friendly but also innovative handicraft products.

For the Viet Trang team, we always strive to develop more and more as a sustainable manufacturer to raise awareness and promote a sustainable lifestyle effectively. By producing nature fiber handicrafts totally made from nature fibers and without coloring, we are proudly of protecting natural raw materials and bringing to Customers not just beautiful, innovative but also eCo – friendly and non-toxic products, This program has really boosted my energy and Consolidate our business philosophy: doing good while doing business and keep growing our business to bring more harmful to society and environment.