Japandi Trend – Natural home décor favorites for Fall

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Inspired by one of the most harmonious Natural home décors for 2021-2022. This blog belongs to the Viet Trang Craft’s Inspiration Campaign 2021.

Series Natural home décor for 2021-2022:

Collect from reliable sources; we hope that this article will be helpful and informative for our value trading partners looking for stunning natural homewares trends

First, we will go with the Japandi Style – A union of East and West. The must-have interior trend, Japandi style, is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. With touches of wabi-sabi enthused imperfection, the look is minimal, practical, warm, and soothing. Easily apply from the soothing beige tone architecture to the Earthy tone of natural homewares.

Key Elements

  • Clean lines
  • Functional minimal furniture
  • Decluttered space
  • Natural material interior and go down to Earth.
  • Combination of contrasting colors like pearl grey, sky blue, natural wood in dark and light shade, a hint of black and white.

natural home decor

Japandi Trend – Natural home décor favorites for Fallnatural home decor

Decluttering Is Must

Following the Japandi, space is decluttered need to be made due to its characteristics. Unnecessary items can be removed and replace with multifunctional furniture like coffee table hyacinth pouf, neutral color curtain, and sofas of the same color, creating both minimalism and natural touch into space.

natural home decor

natural home decor

Clean line – Natural home décors

In the Japandi design style, simplicity is the center. Therefore, achieving simple, clean lines is the goal of blending Japandi into space. Using simple but delicate decorations and furniture such as a seagrass tray or palm leaf lampshade can also create a highlight for the room but not too much.

natural home decor

Every piece of the item has a purpose and the keyword is Zen

This style infusion adheres to minimalist architecture ideas. Minimalism’s basic design concepts are to take everything to its essential quality and achieve simplicity. The Japandi style has to do with the consecration of the essential, and everything – the spaces and their objects – must be as practical as they are beautiful and elegant.

natural home decor

Natural Home Décor Moodboard for Japandi

natural home decor

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Viet Trang natural homewares in home trends lookbook for 2021 – 2022

We are excited to introduce our Natural Homewares in Home Trends 2021 – Mid-year Lookbook Viet Trang. Dissimilarly from other Viet Trang lookbooks, this new look is for our valued partners, searching for the inspiration, creativity, and natural homewares to shape their next collection.

Creating and developing this lookbook, with its trend’s key insight and research by various trusted sources, has been an interesting project. It’s been a travel map for us as we reimagined every page and explored the stories of each natural home decor. Followed the trend is we recommend handwoven homewares, which included five main categories: seagrass baskets, crafted rugs, handwoven pouf, lampshades, and handbags.

This lookbook is inspired by the rise of the trend worldwide from the Japandi style to the unexpected mix of Contemporary and Tropical style and last but not least Modern Rustic.

natural home decor

Japandi Trend – Natural home décor favorites for Fall

natural home decor

Japandi Trend – Natural home décor favorites for Fall

Dowload Viet Trang natural homewares in home trends lookbook for 2021 – 2022

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