fodable natural product

Foldable natural product – The best solution

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foldable natural product

Foldable natural product – the ideal choice from the leading seagrass basket manufacturer


This is the ideal solution that the seagrass basket manufacturer may offer to meet the customer’s needs. This article will demonstrate why foldable natural product is the best option for importers at the moment.

Foldable natural items are an excellent choice from basket manufacturers

Seagrass baskets from Vietnam are the first choice of homeware brands all over the world. To service their B2B customers, Vietnamese seagrass basket manufacturers must continue to provide high-quality goods with a broader range of styles.

And as mentioned about the shipping issue in the time of Covid. To import large packages without spending too much, importers must find a new source of seagrass basket products of constant quality but more flexible and diverse in size, and Foldable Products is the perfect choice for them.

foldable natural product

The best seagrass basket manufacturer offers quality and convenient foldable natural product


Seagrass, a natural grass that is entirely environmentally benign, is used to make baskets. Seagrass will be dried naturally in the sun after being gathered and cleaned thoroughly, retaining the natural and characteristic colour of seagrass. All of them promote a green lifestyle and one that is beneficial to the consumers’ health.

Besides, with their foldable feature, foldable natural product is convenient for moving. Users can fold it when not in use and store it easily. Or if they want to reserve something, it will take them less than 3 seconds to open the product and use it.

foldable natural product

Foldable natural product is wonderful, but there are still a lot of different styles to choose from


Unlike ordinary seagrass plant baskets, the folding feature requires artisans to be more skilful in knitting and product arrangement. Besides, this factor will also be an opportunity for artisans from the best seagrass basket manufacturer to create and create new designs, thereby bringing more choices to users.

Besides, the foldable natural product is not the limit for creating versatile products. For example, there will still be foldable seagrass storage baskets. Not only that, but the foldable handwoven basket will also be a great choice to decorate the living room space, bringing minimalism in the homeowner’s style.

Download Viet Trang latest natural homewares lookbook for 2021 – 2022

foldable natural product

Importers benefit greatly from foldable natural product in terms of transportation

Consumer demand is still there, requiring businesses to supply continuously. And the shortage of shipping containers mainly caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has directly affected their business. As a result, the importers are forced to carry out bulk shipments at higher rates than before because they don’t have much choice.

Importers are currently facing a shortage of containers and rising freight charges. However, with foldable natural product, importers can completely pack huge packages in large quantities for one import, reducing shipping costs to a minimum.

The shipping and packaging process for traditional seagrass basket products can take a long time. Then foldable items will be the most effective way to address this issue. With Foldable items, the preparation time for an order is minimized, and the seagrass basket manufacturer can handle it without spending hours packaging, shipping it. At the same time, ship several orders of enormous numbers of foldable products. It, therefore, assists in bringing the benefit of transportation without having to spend a lot of freight or transporting additional orders.

So we can say that the natural homewares product lines with Foldable design are the perfect choice for importers right now.

foldable natural product

To always maintain trust with the partners we are and will cooperate with. The upcoming Foldable Collection Viet Trang products are the best quality storage baskets with natural materials without dyes, a characteristic of Vietnam Handicraft.

Let’s look forward to a series of top-quality products with outstanding features that are the most optimal solution Viet Trang brings to the partners