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Just Fold The Collapsible Basket… – Simple for using, the best way for “saving”

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As Viet Trang, all we gonna do are to bring the best solution to our partners, and customers through high-quality natural products. Besides the products we non-stop create and weave, we more focus on product innovation, and the one we want to tell more stories to you is the Foldable Basketsthe collapsible basket that we currently making innovation on the splice between pieces. In that way, the end-user will not need to DIY but just fold or open easily and use it. 

collapsible basket

More specially, this great change came from all of our customer/partners’ feedback. We’re so blissfully and appreciative of our partner’s contribution. Viet Trang wants to strengthen our partnership and wants to become your trusted long-term partner. Therefore, we always appreciate your valuable feedback to continuously improve the quality of our products, which made the innovation name the collapsible basket.

Still, the collapsible basket…but more convenient!

One of the strong values that our collapsible basket brings to the end-users is flexibility. It’s easily folded when not used and stored in tight spaces. Natural fibers are carefully processed, which makes the products more durable and attractive with their natural color. 

Following the Fold To Fit collection that we launched at the end of October 2021, we have a variety of shapes and patterns. All of our collapsible basket products are still so sturdy with mental fame and firmly handwoven. 

But not just that, from the pieces that are disassembled so that the user can tie themselves back to use the basket, we have improved the product further as the joints of the pieces will be knitted in place from the beginning with jute rope. You can easily see these “key points” in our images.

collapsible basket

With the pieces completely assembled from scratch, users do not need to tie themselves, open them to use and simply just fold to not use. And of course, our Foldable Baskets are fit for every home space. 

foldable basket
The folds are securely woven with jute rope
collapsible basket
Simply for use, easy to fold and unfold

You can easily know how to JUST FOLD the collapsible basket for using or storing by this video as follow:

collapsible basket

The artisans of Viet Trang never stop being creative. Hand-knitted items, whether simple or sophisticated, are also a passion of theirs. And the joys of their labor are the long-term values that the products provide to users. That is also why Viet Trang is satisfied with what we have preserved and developed.

collapsible basket

Way the reduce shipping cost and space-saving – The important point of collapsible basket

The influence of shipping costs on purchasing decisions


Following the Freightos, the current political situation is having a variety of effects on freight and supply systems, ranging from rising fuel costs to sanctions and capacity disruption.

Maritime prices remain high, and transit durations are erratic, due to ongoing pandemic-related delays and closures, reduced but still high demand for ocean freight from Asia to the US, and a shortage of capacity.

collapsible basket

And after research, we found the best way to help you decrease the shipping cost is fully used the container shipping capacity.  From this result, we can easily see that Viet Trang’s foldable and space-saving products are the perfect solution.

collapsible basket

Fully use the container shipping capacity

We hope this will be the thing you are looking forward to for our cooperation. Collapsible baskets are considered the perfect choice to help you make the most of shipping space with the largest amount of products possible.

Viet Trang’s Folding Basket, in particular, will enable customers to increase the number of goods in the box by 3-4 times when compared to original shape products.

Click to see how we can save your global shipping cost!

collapsible basket

Because the number of products that can be transported in a container is greater than the number of products that can be transported in an original shape basket at the same price range, it is easy to imagine that shipping costs will be lower. We show you an example as follows:

Just fold post 2

Product quality and modern design with broad applicability are constants in Viet Trang’s products, and they continue to improve. Through our innovations, we hope to strengthen our business relationships with our partners while also establishing ourselves as a reliable Vietnamese handicraft partner with our new partners.

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