Mindful Living- Viettrang’s 2022 Spring Collection

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Mindful Living Collection

Get lost in the busyness of the world and be found in the right your mindful home.  Pay attention, be aware of your breath and enjoy our lookbook to discover a mindful home through the lens of Viet Trang Craft.

The note from Viet Trang

We cannot argue with one thing for nearly 2 years until now when everywhere exists in a state of “lockdown,” but we still have to work, and Home is the only place to work with the most effective. And during that time, is there a moment that makes you fall into a state of struggle for work-life balance. If so, you will indeed feel tired, you lose energy every day and sadly that moment happens in your own home.

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However, it would be best to remember home is the place to be back. It is the best place to “disconnect” when needed to actively “connect” with our true selves. Therefore, home is also the place to create priceless moments you spend exclusively with yourself by enjoying a delicious meal prepared by yourself in the lovely kitchen or enjoying a cup of tea and saying no to the mobile phone every early morning or weekend.

The environment around us directly affects our psychology and mental health. And more specifically, mindful living with a sustainable lifestyle is predicted by many experts to dominate the interior decoration trend in 2022. Viet Trang is highly pleased to launch our brand new spring collection called Mindful Living with those compelling reasons. The collection is inspired by mindfulness. It is a lifestyle and mindful consumption that will help you create an effective connection with your inner self.

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Mindful Living- Viettrang’s 2022 Spring Collection

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Mindfulness in your living space

Through this collection, we invite you to sit down and have a look at THE HOME. In every home space, we try to bring the most mindfulness experience with our products, whether they’re basic, foldable or especially the brand new sets.

The Kitchen – Space of sensory experience

This place’s always called the heart of the home. So when we put items in that, we want to bring you somehow the most convenient, relaxation. We hope that in the kitchen, you can easily connect with your inner space, the space where you can freely try something strange, taste something new, setting and create.

Inside the kitchen, we have:

mindful living
The goal of circle is to connect, even the smallest. And the kitchen is the ideal corner for you to connect with your mind, with your inner

Napkin rings

Untitled 800 × 800

Napkin holder

Untitled 800 × 800 px 1

The Kitchen storage basket sets

Especially with kitchenware, we centered on the storage basket sets. As you can see, their shapes will help your kitchen be more orderly and space-saving. And for order, you can easily separate them and make another combo if you want. It’s up to your customer’s favorite.

handwoven baskets

The Home Office – Finds your focus, own your attention

Don’t just bring the working mood in your office, especially your home office. Like we said, we’re spending more time at home even through working or doing any tasks. So if we just pay attention to work, we’ll easily feel sick and tired.

Find your focus and own your attention, don’t be controlled by tasks, just doing the task with your full enjoyment. Let the thing around you bring you joy, the excitement to work. And building the home office by your own way is the great way to find your mindfulness in living.

For a working space, we think there is nothing better than some multinational items for you to use.

Hobby accessories

Untitled 800 × 800 px 3

Natural stationary


Desk Organizers


The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it _ Thich Nhat Hanh

Living Space – Soak in the moment

We think of feeling safe and relaxed when decorating your living room with our hand-knitted natural fibers. And we found that nature is a must for this space. 

The living room is the first space you enter the house. So the green of nature will bring you comfort in looking around. And we got some ideal items to carry nature into your living space. 


More than that, the light yellow form on the ceiling is so suitable for warming you no matter how the weather is. We don’t talk about the feeling inside your skin but the actual feeling inside your inner. When you feel your inner being warmed by something, you can easily forget the heaviness of social work.

Some living items we’re ready to serve: Side Table, Lampshades,…

Side table

Laundry Room – Slowing down and turn it into hobby

If the place that can bring you comfort by smell or clean, that place should be the Laundry Room. For those who love their homework, enjoy their daily housework, they will turn it into their hobby. And doing laundry is most likely a hobby for many people. For that lovely reason, we create the Laundry Room and bring it into this collection. Everything in this room will be so comfortable for space-saving. So that we have our latest innovative foldable baskets for this.

You can quickly check our innovation here.

Untitled design 2

And also, we have the other brand new designs for Laundry Room: Storage baskets and trays, we believe that this perfect couple items will bring more convenience for you to enjoy your hobby.

Healing Zone –  Unlock your authentic self

A circle is a vast space, which does not lack anything, nor does it have too much

For mindfulness, this place definitely has to be in your home. Like we mentioned before, follow the experts predicted about 2022’s Interior Home Design Trend. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and create mental space, but do you have a place to do it? 

For that reason, we bring to your home this special place filled with healing items.

For this healing space, everything must be simple and basic. It not only give the eye a sense of lightness, but also help to relax the space. And the circle pattern is more than adequate for creating a healing space.

natural woven baskets
Natural round rugs
Untitled 800 × 800 px 3 1
Round centerpiece

There’s nothing trendy about that— it’s what most people are searching for: joy, healing, and relaxing. And the natural cushions are enough to sit on while you let your mind relax but robust enough to endure use over time.

Untitled 800 × 800 px 4 1
Make your mind heal by being comfortable

OUR HIGHLIGHT PRODUCTS: The Seed – Multifunctional basket sets

For mindful living, the most important that helps us get the red thread with our life is Connection.

We are strongly inspired by this notion in creating homewares for our collections. When we started thinking about the containment, we wondered what if the smalls could hold the bigs and vice versa. Do you agree with “the big things often have small beginnings”? As a R&D team, we use design as a media to convey our perspective of “interconnection”. 

The Seed is our first try to deliver this unpopular mean to the consumption trend, especially in this time when we care more about our surroundings.

natural woven baskets

The basic modules

Knowing how to create and grow from the available things is an essential element to building a Mindful Living lifestyle.

In The Seed, just from the basic modules, we developed them to more than different multifunctional baskets. With the various shapes and sizes, our natural baskets are suitable for using in different living spaces.

The multifunctional baskets

We focus on the multifunctional element to create products for The Seed. There is no limit to home decoration and using various shapes and sizes, such as the handwoven small items can both be used in the kitchen and on the desk. This is our breakthrough in design, and it’s all for the desire to bring a new experience for users.

Untitled (800 × 800 px)

The saving space solution

With stackable and multifunctional, a small space can transform itself into whatever they need to be! You can easily make it combo for every piece in The Seed, which can fit into spare shipping spaces and become your customers’ favorite items.

Untitled 1280 × 720
You can easily make it combo for every piece in The Seed

Let’s widen your mind by building space with space-saving items like The Seed.

The design may change in this collection, but our values will not. We believe that mindful interior design extends not only to how we consume it but also to how we create products. All the products are made from sustainable and finest resources. Furthermore, we strive to be good corporate citizens, protect the environment, and provide a great workplace for our talented artisans.

It is our pleasure to bring you stunning collections. We pay great respect to our artisans who delicately bring creative ideas into innovative weaving techniques. Therefore, we would appreciate your cooperation in not sending our designs to other suppliers and we strive for a long-term and sustainable partnership with you.


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