seagrass rectangular basket

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seagrass rectangular basket

Check out the most popular top seagrass rectangular basket

Seagrass rectangular basket today with many designs and sizes, providing more choices for users. Besides, the material made from seagrass brings more peace of mind about the quality when used. This article will suggest to you the most popular handwoven seagrass baskets products.

The eco-friendly material for making seagrass rectangular basket

Seagrass is a highly eco-friendly material and is often used to make hamper baskets. Seagrass grows naturally in the salty coastal areas of Southeast Asia, and in Vietnam, this material grows most in provinces such as Thanh Hoa and Thai Binh. In particular, the Nga Son district is known as the area with the highest quality seagrass production with the most significant area.

seagrass rectangular basket

An absolute plus for seagrass is its superior side, so it is often used to make a seagrass rectangular basket with a lid. Besides, seagrass has a gorgeous natural color, so artisans often take advantage of this advantage to produce undyed products. Therefore, most products made from seagrass are very friendly to the environment.

The safety of seagrass rectangular basket for end users

Seagrass baskets are always the first friendly choice of consumers because of the applicability that the product brings. The durability of the material makes the product sturdy and holds many items. In particular, not only used to store things but seagrass baskets are also used to replace potted plants. Combining seagrass rectangular baskets with carpet or poufs will bring a harmonious whole to the living space of consumers.

seagrass rectangular basket

Wholesale seagrass baskets’ quality

To describe wholesale seagrass baskets, we have three things that we can say. They are robust, sustainable, and stylish. Indeed, to keep up with market trends, artisans have constantly been creating and creating many eye-catching designs of baskets with high aesthetic value. We have lid seagrass baskets, Basket With Straps, and more.

Uses of seagrass rectangular basket


Crafted from natural seagrass onto a sturdy wooden frame. The seagrass rectangular basket provides a discreet way of organising just about anything. Perfect for housing items such as craft supplies, paperwork and bathroom essentials.

seagrass rectangular basket
seagrass rectangular basket

The master choice for multi functional organization

With a rectangular seagrass basket, users can comfortably get everything from fruits, vegetables or toys in the child’s house. And users can completely see the basket as an interesting highlight for their living space in the living room when they can use the rectangular seagrass basket to store the books placed on the shelf.
From there, it is easy to see the convenience and multi-function of rectangular seagrass baskets.

Check out the most popular top seagrass rectangular basket

seagrass rectangular basket

Oasis Seagrass rectangular basket

  • Oasis Seagrass rectangular basket 18

Elegant yet simple and useful, these hamper baskets are easy to sort and decorate along with your other interiors. The rectangle basket is purely hand weaved from the finest twisted strings of seagrass and palm leaf by our local artisans.

With the open weave pattern inspired by the oasis sunbeam, we hope this authentic basket will rev up your minimal home as well as relish the green lifestyle of the house.

  • Oasis seagrass rectangular basket 20

Inspired by the tropical oasis, these vertical stripes hamper one of the best designs of our collection. The hamper basket is 100% useful for your daily lives thanks to its flexibility in containing stuff from home gadgets and old books to kids’ stuff. This seagrass rectangular basket can be the perfect eco-friendly home interior that you need for the living room, bedroom or even your storehouse.

The Studio seagrass rectangular basket

  • The Studio Basket 11

Let’s apply this natural rectangular basket with the handle as an environmentally friendly item at every corner of your home to sense the breath of nature whenever you need to relax. Lining your living room space shelves with seagrass and palm-leaf baskets in case your stuff-to-storage ratio is a great idea. 

With its fibres, smell, and rough texture, this eco-friendly basket is a perfect decorative item. It is a book nook or your kids’ toy storage box helping you relish your minimal lifestyle. An art studio can go beyond its limitation -it is a message that inspires us to deliver this thoughtful and beautiful design to you.

TS B11
  • The Studio Basket 12

These rectangular seagrass baskets can be decorated items in every corner of your house. Organizing the plants into natural garden baskets is a nice idea to connect your urban lifestyle with green living. With its fibres smell and rough texture, this seagrass basket is a perfect decorative item as being a book nook or your kids’ toy storage box, helping you relish your minimal lifestyle.

seagrass rectangular basket

The Fold To Fit seagrass rectangular basket

Sturdy frames, best materials, unique lemon floral weave patterns, storage baskets can enhance the aesthetic of any space. The foldable seagrass rectangular basket is perfect for storing fruits and vegetables outside the refrigerator. And it can help the kitchen in a minimalist but still luxurious and aesthetic way.

Rectangle foldable baskets from Viet Trang have many different sizes and designs for all uses. In addition, users can choose from multiple baskets to create a seamless flow between shelf blocks.

foldable baskets
  • Foldable Rectangle Basket 18


This product will be an extremely suitable item to decorate your living room and kitchen. With a neat handle design and a delicate lemon flower knit pattern, this rectangular basket stands out and is growing in popularity, which many users favour.

  • Foldable Rectangle Basket 21


Rectangular seagrass basket 21 stands out with a unique mulberry flower pattern. Besides, the arrangement of vertical patterns in succession makes the sea basket sure and discreet. This product can perfectly hold small items, and it will be a great item to tidy up the user’s kitchen space.

  • Foldable Rectangle Basket 22


The difference is that the parts are designed with different textures. Square side panel with open-knit handles. The rectangular face is knitted with strawberry flower motifs. The bottom is carefully knitted so it can store that small item. All in harmony, and you can completely disassemble or fold for storage and save space.

  • Foldable Rectangle Basket 23


The highlight of the seagrass rectangular basket 23, the square side is clever and beautiful. It will be an extremely useful product for you to store fruits or vegetables in the kitchen. 

Besides, the big rectangular size helps you hold more things. And when you’re done using it, it’s easy to fold and store to save more space for your home.

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