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Rug Guide: Growing a successful business with the best Natural Seagrass Rugs

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Rug Guide: Growing a successful business with the best natural seagrass rugs

If you want to expand your business with an interior design product that is both beautiful and convenient, as well as one that can provide long-term value to your guests. Then the natural seagrass rug is what you need. Let’s get started learning about this high-quality product by reading the following article.

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4 Reasons to Love Natural Fiber Rugs


There are some reasons why natural fiber rugs are so popular. Because they meet the top three criteria of durability, versatility, and price, these products have long been a favorite of home furnishing suppliers. Furthermore, when discussing natural seagrass rugs, it is necessary to discuss their style and texture. These are the products that add natural texture to your client’s home and are appropriate for any room.

1. Natural Rug Can be more Affordable


If you’ve ever wondered why rugs are so expensive, you’ll be relieved to learn that natural rugs and natural seagrass rugs are among the most affordable options available. When shopping for natural fiber rugs, there is no need to sacrifice quality or size. Unlike other types of rugs, you can find reasonably priced, well-made options in even the largest sizes.

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2. Natural Seagrass Rugs Have a Wide Range of Applications

The natural seagrass rug’s colors create neutral backgrounds that complement any interior style. With the bulk seagrass rug manufacturer, they will be able to provide you with a variety of designs and options to satisfy your customers.
And if they want to change up the look of their living room depending on the season, natural rugs can be an excellent choice. For example, place a seagrass floor rug in the center of the living room to create a focal point that will make winter more comfortable.

natural seagrass rug

2. Natural Fiber Rugs Are Durable

Seagrass rugs, like indoor-outdoor rugs, are extra durable, and some types are even stain-resistant. The high-traffic areas have finally met their match.

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4. Natural fiber rugs are a great choice for kids and pets

Natural seagrass rugs are an excellent choice for families with small children or pets. This point can be regarded as pivotal in assisting natural seagrass rugs to win users’ hearts. Because seagrass products, such as seagrass round rug or a seagrass rug runner, are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of walking or running.
Wholesalers and importers should keep in mind to select a supplier whose products are completely natural and free of dyes or VOCs, which can be toxic to users.

Here are some questions you can answer for your customers

“How do I care for seagrass rugs?”

Seagrass rugs require the same care as other floor coverings: vacuum regularly and clean up any spills immediately. A recommends vacuuming one to three times per week, depending on the level of activity in the home.

To achieve the best results, use a quality vacuum to make multiple passes over heavily trafficked areas. Because seagrass has an uneven texture, you should change direction after each pass to remove fine dust or dirt particles.

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The good news is that seagrass’s non-porous nature and waxy coating make it stain-resistant. Apply Sisal-Guard, a spray-on sealant for natural fiber rugs, for extra protection. Just keep in mind that you must act quickly to absorb the liquid or remove the spill.

“Is there an earthy smell to natural seagrass rugs?”

New seagrass products frequently have a straw or hay-like odor. Many owners of seagrass rugs report that the odor fades after a few weeks and is replaced by a more subtle odor that many find refreshing.

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“Are natural seagrass rugs soft?”

A seagrass rug can’t beat the coziness of wool, but as we said,  it is softer than other natural fibers like sisal and coir and is less dusty than jute. Natural fiber rugs are flat-woven and the patterns as well as the fiber itself has texture. Let bring some seagrass swatches so your clients can get a feel for the texture underfoot.

“What are some alternatives to seagrass?”

Perhaps your client prefers something softer and easier to maintain. Then, please introduce more natural rug products that you can provide, such as natural water hyacinth rugs, palm rugs, and so on. Viet Trang allows you to order large quantities of natural rugs in various designs to meet the needs of its customers.

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This is a really high quality product line. Do not hesitate to order a bulk of natural seagrass rugs from us to bring sustainable life to your customers.

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