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4 Best Reasons Why Woven Baskets Are Eco-Friendly

Green living trend is becoming increasingly popular. And natural basket is what allows us to put that trend and life into practice. We will answer the question of why it is so environmentally friendly in this article. This provides you with even more reasons to select Woven Basket  from Vietnam.

woven basket wholesale

1. Woven Baskets Are Reusable


Using eco-friendly woven hamper baskets is a great way to think green while rewarding clients and employees, getting organized, and setting up displays. Woven basket wholesale are not only beautiful and stylish, but they are also environmentally friendly. They do this in a variety of ways.

In fact, such sturdy containers would be difficult to discard. Woven basket rounds are an excellent replacement for plastic or paper bags in your store. Customers who shop with them on a regular basis can do so for many years. When you give gifts to your employees and clients in baskets, the baskets end up on shelves as organizers, in closets as knick-knack holders, and on desks as waste paper bins. This reduces the amount of waste going to the local landfill.

2. Woven baskets are made from sustainable materials


Traditional woven work is from plants such as seagrass, rattan, palm leaves, water hyacinth and corn leaves. They are all gifts from nature with strong strength and natural color without dyeing.

Wholesale seagrass baskets have the proudly material. Seagrasses are a type of flowering plant that grows in the sea. They are grown in flooded fields. They grow quickly and can be harvested in a sustainable manner. They play an important role in removing carbon from the atmosphere. A square kilometer of seagrasses can remove 83,000 metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil beneath them.

Moreover,  water hyacinth also has the effect of reducing environmental pollution, due to its ability to absorb heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Or the woven basket laundry made of palm leaves not only beautify the living space but also has the ability to filter the air effectively.

Using these materials for reduces reliance on lumber, which is more difficult to replace. Making baskets out of seagrass, palm leaf, and other sustainable materials reduces the product’s ecological footprint, which means you’re using fewer resources from the Earth. Furthermore, encouraging people to grow these plants benefits the environment.

woven basket wholesale
Corn Leafs
woven basket wholesale
Palm Leafs
woven basket wholesale
woven basket wholesale
Water Hyacinth

3. Woven basket wholesale – cleaning is low-impact on the environment


Natural woven basket wholesale products not only beautify the living environment of the room, but they also have the ability to hold a variety of items. For example, woven baskets with handles allow you to easily store your belongings while preventing dust accumulation.

There are a few more containers that necessitate the use of soap or cleaning products. The woven baskets wholesale are environmentally friendly from start to finish, and they are easy to maintain. To deep clean, take a cotton towel soaked in cold water and gently wipe it over the woven baskets for storage. Dusting with a feather duster or a natural-bristle paint brush is recommended on a regular basis. It does not necessitate the use of any cleaning products.

woven basket wholesale
The woven baskets are simple to clean and keep in good condition.

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4. Woven baskets wholesale are biodegradable


Natural fibers include palm leaf, water hyacinth, and seagrass. They are very strong and last a long time and alway the perfect choice when someone want to wholesale woven baskets. But when the time comes to dispose of them, they degrade into a nice, safe dirt. It is free of toxins thanks to the sun and soil microorganisms. At the end of their long, woven basket wholesale lives, seagrasses also retire gracefully as compost. As a result, they not only save landfill space in the short term because they are reused, but they ultimately take up no space at all in the long run.

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Handicraft artisans from Vietnam have made quality woven baskets at wholesale prices with their talented and skilled hands, helping to bring green life to everyone. I hope the reasons listed above persuade you to choose woven basket products for your business.

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