Mindful Living: Mindfulness in interior design

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Mindful Living: Mindfulness in interior design

In 2022, the substantial rise from Mindfulness mindful living has positively impacted interior design. The products used in interior design are directly influenced by Mindfulness, thereby forming the concept of a Mindful home. And that is also one of the reasons why Viet Trang’s spring collection called Mindful Living has been launching.

In this article, we will suggest to you the Mindful Living trend to know how to apply it to your living space in a practical way. And we also hope you get more interested in Viet Trang’s Mindful Living collection to contact and become our partner.

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Build the Mindful Home for Mindful True Living

We should state again that the concept of Mindful Home in interior design does not refer to the various types of home decoration used to impress the viewer, a Mindful Home is how people design the interior of their homes to live in. 

Creating a Mindful space encourages introspection, allowing occupants to discover their inner selves and find peace in every corner of the home.

As a result, the architecture in a house designed following mindful living will be less physically divided and simpler. All to establish a link between the living and their surroundings.


Home decor Ideas to Inspire Mindfulness

Home is the place where you can connect with yourself most easily. And with the Mindfulness lifestyle, how can you decorate your home’s living space? What details should be paid attention to build a Mindful Living space.

We launched The Mindful Living collection to help our partners build the most Mindful living spaces for their customers. Let’s take a quick look and keep the following suggestions in mind.

Mindfulness is a state of awareness. It is paying attention, on purpose, to what is happening in the moment without trying to judge or change what is happening

Home decor Ideas to Inspire Mindfulness

The mindfulness homespace always had a Healing Zone

The first step toward a mindful lifestyle is to create an ideal environment where you can easily connect with your inner self and feel healed and appreciated. This space will be the space that brings you comfort in your soul; it can be a place with no sound or loud noises, or better yet, a place with only the necessary items to help you for connecting.


For meditation zones, a comfortable cushion or stool is recommended and a focus object or a place to anchor the senses to practice achieving a meditative state. To achieve a relaxed mindset, surround yourself with items that make you feel comfortable physically and mentally.

If you don’t want to dedicate a room to meditate, think about how you can make your environment more serene: try designating a reading nook or displaying an inspirational quote to inspire creativity.


In particular, about shape, pay attention to round objects because of all shapes, circles bring the most effective connection effect.


Turning unimpressive places into beautiful

There are bound to be boring places in your home and don’t give you much of an interest when entering. Simply because you feel you lack connection with that space.

A mindful home is always a place that impresses its owner, even in less-noticed places like the laundry room with large seagrass basket.

Besides metal clothes hangers, beautify your laundry room with multifunctional items, handwoven trays or towels, or soap, for example. More specifically, the laundry room makes your laundry more impressive by bringing in foldable products and using them in this room.

Foldable products do not stand; still, you can completely fold them when you do not need to store clothes. Thereby helping users have more space, bringing a comfortable but not dull feeling in this space and their daily work.


And in terms of aesthetics, the folding laundry baskets are hand-woven with natural fibers with beautiful patterns and textures. They will make this seemingly dull space more lively.

Comfort is King – Bring the comfort into your Home’s Heart

The purpose of the mindfulness home is for you to Stay Live, not to Show. As a result, comfort will be essential for a mindful home. And we all know that The Kitchen is the heart of the home, where we feast on our senses. So the best thing that a Mindfulness kitchen will bring is the comfort to enjoy and experience.

Decorate your kitchen with multifunctional and well-organized utensils. Because you’ll need a large enough space to give yourself the best experience possible.


Aside from comfort, multifunctional items will bring you complete satisfaction when everything is simple and easy. For example, napkins that can be neatly stored in napkin holders, or small seagrass basket stacked with a variety of spices and ingredients inside, will all make your home’s heartbeat more exciting.

Plenty of Plants – Bring the outdoor in

When discussing a sustainable lifestyle, the terms “Green Home” or “Green Life” are prevalent right now. And, ideally, Mindful Living is suitable with those notions. Nature’s light and breath will undoubtedly be essential when creating a Mindfulness living space. Let’s try to incorporate as many natural sources of life as possible into each home space.

When decorating your home with plants, one thing to remember is to find the appropriate tools for putting indoor plants.

Plant-based products must be made from natural fibers or derived from nature. When constructing a Mindful Living space, interior design experts advise homeowners to use natural fibers and natural materials like natural woven baskets. These elements contribute to the overall strength of the living space.


Harmonious colors for your mindfulness home space

When selecting color tones for a Mindful Living space, we should limit the use of garish or too many colors in a room. Because Mindfulness in living emphasizes relaxation, balance, and self-connection, having too many tones in a space can cause suffocation and confusion.

Try to harmonize the colors in a Mindful Living room by using one color tone as the main color and selecting furniture for that space based on that color tone.


Connecting with the brown tones of nature and mother earth is a wise decision. On the other side, just as you want each aspect of your life to be balanced, the rooms in your house should follow the same advice.

To create a cohesive, harmonious experience at home, choose a color family or theme that speaks to you and reinforce that palette throughout your home, so that moving from room to room feels like a seamless and natural transition.

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Viet Trang’s 2022 Spring Collection: Mindful Living – Best homewares for Mindfulness Lifestyle

With the suggestions we just mentioned above for designing the Mindful Living living space, our latest collection will bring users the perfect Mindful Living experiences, allowing users to easily balance their lives and connect with themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to receive the most detailed information about the Mindful Living collection. Viet Trang is always ready to serve the partners who have placed their trust in us.

Viet Trang is highly pleased to launch our brand new spring collection called Mindful Living with those compelling reasons. The collection is inspired by mindfulness. It is a lifestyle and mindful consumption that will help you create an effective connection with your inner self.

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