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The note from Best Hamper Basket Manufacturers

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hamper basket manufacturers

The note from Top Hamper Basket Manufacturers

These are essential products. Whether laundry hampers or hampers baskets, they are always present in every user’s home space. So to choose a quality product sample, choose a reliable hamper baskets partner to cooperate with; you need to listen to the notes from us, the top hamper basket manufacturers suggest you.

Besides, we will also suggest popular hamper basket designs chosen by many Viet Trang; let’s take a look.

The best hamper basket manufacturers will sell products with sturdy construction

This point will certainly be the first and most important criterion when choosing to cooperate with a certain manufacturer of hampers products. With all hamper baskets products, their structure must be considered depending on their use.

With hamper baskets extra large, they are extremely large, so they are often used to hold heavy items in large quantities. So the structure must be very solid.

hamper basket manufacturers

For products supplied by hamper basket manufacturers that do not use a metal frame, the bottom of the woven basket should not be too hollow or sunken. And the opposite condition for products that use metal frames, the bottom must be straight when carrying heavy items.

Minimalist design, suitable for all styles

Liepman notes that many have a new appreciation for nature and the great outdoors thanks to the last two years and the havoc it wreaked on people worldwide. Because of this, it’s entering into the home more and more.

It is an indisputable fact that hamper basket manufacturers pay close attention to market trends. And with the decor trend of 2021 – 2022, everything will lean towards minimalism and a green lifestyle.

hamper basket manufacturers

Users will prioritize durable and suitable products for all interior decoration styles. So designers will often not suggest products with too cumbersome or colorful designs and patterns.

And top hamper basket manufacturers also produce products with simple patterns and subtle colors, using nude or white tones as the main color.

hamper basket manufacturers

Especially products made from natural materials like seagrass or water hyacinth with natural colors like natural brown or natural white are becoming more popular and trending. Because natural colors and sustainable materials will help them decorate the space appropriately out of date.

Hamper basket manufacturers favor lightweight products

This is also a very important criterion that wholesalers or suppliers always consider when choosing for them hamper basket manufacturers. Because the products are lightweight, they are easy to sell to customers and create favorable conditions for them in transportation or freight.

And besides, the hamper basket set that can be disassembled or folded is the first choice to serve users. The collapsible products that the hamper basket manufacturers offer are lightweight and sturdy, sure to make satisfied users become your loyal customers.

hamper basket manufacturers

List of best hampers basket from Việt Trang – Top hamper Basket Manufacturers

Viet Trang Handicraft – we are one of the hamper basket manufacturers in Vietnam. We always put sustainability first. Sustainability is reflected not only in our products but also in our consumers’ lifestyles and the lives of our artisans, with the traditional knitting they work for, and we are trying to save.

Viet Trang is always grateful to the partners who have trusted and chosen us as a partner. And in the process of cooperation, these are the products that our partners love, are our pride that we are happy to share and inform you of right now.

Best two-compartment hamper

Foldable Basket 27

  • Materials: Metal Frame, Palm Leaf, Water Hyacinth
  • Colors: Natural Brown

This structured two-compartment hamper from Viet Trang also comes with a lid. Along with being durable, the product received many compliments from users.

The product is in the latest collection of Viet Trang Fold to Fit, folding products bring convenience to partners during transportation and freight.

hamper basket manufacturers

Best foldable hamper with lid

Foldable Basket 37

  • Materials: Metal Frame, Palm Leaf, Seagrass
  • Colors: Natural Brown

“Very sturdy and can fold down into a nice neat box” when it’s not in use, as one customer puts it. This is also one of the reasons that inspired us – hamper basket manufacturers to create Fold To Fit. Users can completely fold it when not in use to take advantage of the area, making their living space wider.

hamper basket manufacturers

Best hanging hamper

Wovenery Basket 14

  • Materials: Corn Husk Leaf, Seagrass
  • Colors: Natural Brown, Natural White

With this special skinny and high shape, this environmentally-friendly basket that one of the best hamper basket manufacturers made can store all your clothes and towels or can be used as a special hanging pot for your plants. It can add a tidy and natural look to your zero-waste lifestyle, also highlighting your minimal living space.

hamper basket manufacturers

Best wicker hamper

House Collection Basket 27

  • Materials: Metal Frame, Seagrass, Water Hyacinth
  • Colors: Natural Brown, Natural White

Highlight your living space by these natural fiber baskets from hamper basket manufacturers. They are beautifully combined with water hyacinth and seagrass. Place them in your Home and play with them too!

hamper basket manufacturers

Best hamper basket with handles

Greenery Basket 07 

  • Materials: Palm Leaf, Seagrass
  • Colors: Natural Green, Natural White

Applying these woven baskets as an environmentally friendly item at every corner at your home to sense the breath of nature whenever you need to relax. With this large natural basket, you can store all your extra blankets and pillows for cozy nights or can be used as special eco-friendly planter spots

hamper basket manufacturers

Want to see more best hamper baskets from us?!

We have just sent you good products and have been re-ordered by our partners many times. Besides, Viet Trang, one of the most hamper basket manufacturers, has more choices for you, helping you best serve your customera the way we serve you.

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Contact us for brining the sustainability lifestyle for your users

More creativity and development in the design and design of luxury products including wholesale hamper baskets is the difference of Viet Trang. We combine the traditional features of the knitting village with the contemporary features of life to suit the needs of consumers.
Our products are not only popular but also durable, bringing a sustainable life to users.
Please book a call with us  immediately to receive more useful information about these wonderful, eco-friendly hamper basket products.

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