Top 5 benefits of houseplants with basket weave planter

What are the outstanding benefits of houseplants with basket weave planter?

Planting has long become a healthy pastime for users around the world. And it is growing more and more as the whole world is moving toward a sustainable and mindful lifestyle.

basket weave planter

In fact, according to statistics from, The global Flower Pots and Planters market was valued at US$ 589.72 million in 2019 and it is expected to reach US$ 699.40 million by the end of 2026, growing at a CAGR of 4.09% during 2020-2026.

And growing indoor plants will do its job better if we know the benefits it brings, especially growing plants with products made from natural fibers like basket weave planter. Here are the top 5 benefits science says indoor plants may provide.

Indoor plants with basket weave planter help reduce stress levels

Plants at your house or office can help you feel more relaxed, soothed, and natural, according to research published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology.

Participants in the study were assigned one of two tasks: repotting a houseplant or performing a brief computer assignment. The physiologic markers associated with stress, such as heart rate and blood pressure, were examined after each task by the researchers.

Participants’ stress responses were observed to be reduced by the indoor gardening job. Even though the study participants were young men who were used to working with computers, the computer task induced a rise in heart rate and blood pressure.

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Working with plants reduced physiological and psychological stress, according to the researchers. It is more effective when you keep distractions in many forms such as plastic and nylon out of sight and use completely natural items for planting and gardening.

And the basket weave planter is exactly what you need right now. They are hand-knitted with sedge yarn, which will give you a sturdy yet natural look.

Indoor air quality may be improved by plants

Typically, scientific support for phytoremediation — plants that cleanse toxins from the air — starts with a NASA research in the 1980s.

Researchers were exploring ways to enhance the air quality in a sealed spacecraft at the time, and they discovered that houseplant roots and dirt dramatically reduced airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Researchers have both validated and questioned such findings since those early studies Trusted Source.

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The natural fiber items that make up the basket weave planter not only provide beauty to the room but also help to improve air quality. Sedge fibers are gathered and dried under direct sunlight according to the cycle, making it a great representative of bringing a clean green atmosphere to the environment.

According to new research, you’d need a lot of plants better the plant with basket weave planter to match the air purifying performance of modern biofilters and other technologies.

Plants with a basket weave planter may boost your whole outlook on work

As we all know, the home trend for 2022 is mindfulness. Mindfulness enhances the quality of life. Planting trees will also help you live a more conscious life. And, by using planters made of natural fibers, such as the woven pot planter, you help to create long-term value for not only yourself but also the environment.

Over 440 Amazon employees in India and the United States were interviewed by researchers Trusted Source. They discovered that those who worked in an office environment with natural components like indoor plants reported better job satisfaction and loyalty to the organization than those who did not.

The natural ingredients, according to the researchers, served to buffer the impacts of occupational stress and anxiety.

basket weave planter

When working from home becomes more popular in 2022, the usage of indoor plants will become even more apparent. Users can choose from a wide range of handwoven planter products to complement their home’s green roots.

basket weave planter

Plants with basket weave planter make people happier

Not only do indoor plants enhance the overall appearance of a space, but studies show they boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants—making for a healthier, happier you.

It’s amazing what a walk in the park can do when you’re feeling down. This is because connecting with nature improves our overall health. Time spent outside in green environments has been shown in studies to reduce mental tiredness, boost relaxation, and even improve cognition.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, we spend nearly all of our time indoors—around 90%. Indoor plants with basket weave planter might help you out in this situation. 

Indoor plants with basket weave planter while not a replacement for the “great outdoors,” can provide similar benefits. Even brief exposure to nature, such as touching genuine leaves, has been proven in studies to have an unconscious calming impact.

As cities grow, we find ourselves connecting with technology more than with nature and each people, the biophilia hypothesis becomes more significant. To live happier, healthier lives, we must prioritize reconnecting with the natural environment.

Plant with basket weave planter improve our Environment

Talking about the environment, we currently think of nature, and we can easily see that plant is the great icon for nature. 

Indoor plants with basket weave planter and natural fiber can help to enhance the air quality in a variety of ways. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis, while they release moisture vapor and increase humidity through transpiration and evapotranspiration.

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Indoor contaminants can be captured by plants and converted into stored energy, resulting in naturally filtered air as a byproduct. This is accomplished by plants absorbing contaminants through their leaves and sending them to their roots, where they are transformed into a food source.

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Sustainable rotation with nature

Plants may catch indoor toxins and convert them to stored energy, producing naturally filtered air as a byproduct. Plants do this by absorbing pollutants through their leaves and transferring them to their roots, where they are converted into food.

The study, however, is confusing and out of date. The 1989 NASA study was done in a sealed, controlled environment, making it difficult to generalize to real-world scenarios. Some people believe that the best way to enhance the air quality is to surround yourself with plants and close the door.

We give you your best solution for more indoor planters

Once we understand the benefits of growing houseplants, the first thing we need to do is redecorate our living space with indoor planters. To make the decoration of indoor plants more lively and bring to Mindful Living life, we bring you a series of products for indoor plants called “SowL” – Woven planter.

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The design and size of products in the Boutique pricing range will differ from those in the Classic line. Because the sizes of the Boutique line are designed to accommodate large pots and distinctive designs, the Boutique line’s design stresses sturdiness and simplicity of care and movement.


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The products in the Designer’s Choice price range are Viet Trang’s original, fresh creations. Apart from offering basic designs at low rates, Viet Trang is constantly monitoring the market to keep up with the current design trends in the planter baskets product line, especially basket weave planter.

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basket weave planter

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