Woven baskets wholesale: The best choice for winning products

In this article, we would suggest 5 popular woven baskets wholesale and which natural materials as well as patterns are the most favored on the handicraft market. Let’s dive in and discover the most appropriate baskets for your next winning products.

woven baskets wholesale
Viet Trang seagrass baskets are well-fit on bookshelves

1. Seagrass – “the grass that belongs to the marine”

Seagrass is a highly eco-friendly material and is often used to make seagrass woven baskets wholesale. Seagrass grows naturally in the salty coastal areas of Southeast Asia, and in Vietnam, this material grows most in provinces such as Thanh Hoa and Thai Binh. In particular, the Nga Son district is well-known as the area with the highest quality seagrass production with the most significant area.

An absolute plus for seagrass is its superior side, so it is often used to make a seagrass laundry hamper. Besides, seagrass has a gorgeous natural color, so artisans often take advantage of this advantage to produce undyed products. Therefore, most products made from seagrass are very friendly to the environment.

woven baskets wholesale

2. Palm Leaf – “a purely natural gift comes from the forest”

Palm trees may be found growing in a variety of locations and have a variety of functions in everyday life. What’s more significant is that this natural material is completely environmentally friendly.

The product is created entirely out of palm leaves, with no mechanical or chemical processes involved. They are, on the contrary, handcrafted by artists. Palm-leaf baskets, in particular, will be natural white in color, emphasizing elegance and harmony.

woven baskets wholesale

3. Water Hyacinth – “a weed plant from the river”.

They are the most popular materials for home handicraft products due to its durability and beautiful brown color. Water hyacinth is a very popular plant in Vietnam’s rural villages. There are several advantages to using every part of this plant, such as green leaves for some delicious veggie dishes, roots for mushroom planting and organic fertilizer, and its dried part for handicraft items such as large water hyacinth baskets, or trays,…


4. Rattan or Bamboo

Bamboo and rattan is one of the typical features of the Vietnamese handicraft tradition. Because of its easy-to-use, durable, sturdy characteristic and cost-effectiveness, it is suitable for many economic conditions. Since then, the baskets woven from bamboo and rattan are very popular and are considered indispensable furniture in many families. 

The artisans will use materials of natural origin, eco-friendly, and harmless to users such as bamboo and rattan to knit into baskets. These products will create a green and healthy living space for everyone.

Our tip for you: Suggesting customers use smaller sets of storage baskets for a utility room shelf in any room, such as placing a seagrass baskets wholesale in cube shape to display rolled towels or toilet paper rolls or hide any personal items they may not want to be displayed.


…and skillful craftsmanship…

Hand weaving is required to create these weaved baskets. Woven baskets wholesale are unique in that they are partially handcrafted, requiring artists’ passion, meticulousness, and tenacity. As a result, in order to make the greatest handcrafted items, the artisans must have a wealth of expertise and masterful skills that have been continuously delivered and developed over decades.

woven baskets wholesale

…to woven baskets.

With the strength, softness and silky properties of natural fibers combined with meticulous knitting techniques by artisans, woven baskets are very sturdy, withstand heavy loads and serve users with many other purposes, which can be your winning products all the time. 

There are some popular knits that are loved by users most of the time.

1. Checked & Harlequin

One of the most popular and instantly recognizable patterns on the market, checked, or checkered, patterns feature a simple checkerboard-style design with alternating colored squares

Similar to a checkerboard pattern, harlequin fabrics feature alternating diamonds instead of squares. 

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“Think of harlequin patterns as a fancy term for diamonds.”

2. Chevron & Herringbone

Marked by a pattern of zigzagging stripes, chevron fabrics have long been a favorite of designers looking to infuse contemporary flair into a subdued space.

Herringbone is similar to chevron, but instead of two perpendicular diagonal lines meeting at one point, each line passes the last by just a little.

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3. Stripe

A stripe is a line or band that differs in color or tone from an adjacent area. 

Stripes are a group of such lines.


4. Hexagon

In geometry, the hexagonal tiling or hexagonal tessellation is a regular tiling of the Euclidean plane, in which three hexagons meet at each vertex.

5 signature woven baskets on the market

1. Belly woven basket 

Thanks to the round belly form that generates a lot of room inside the basket, belly baskets generally have a great capacity and can handle hefty things. As a result, the belly basket will serve as a practical and multi-functional storage solution for users.

Especially with belly baskets with handles, users can also use them to carry things on picnics, travel, or move clutter easily. With their simple, durable designs combining with their convenience, belly woven baskets are one of the most popular products on the handicraft basket market.

Let’s choose belly woven baskets wholesale for your next winning products.

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woven basket wholesale

2. Round handwoven basket

A round shape that may be used in any environment. This has always been a popular wicker woven baskets wholesale product. A natural woven basket designed with firm handles and large containing space, this storage basket will be your perfect home gadget. 

Here are some signature and best-selling round woven baskets from Viet Trang. We always try to adapt with the market to supply the up-to-date and aesthetic designs. Hope you can find some appropriate products for your customers. 


3. Natural rectangular/cubic basket 

Natural rectangular basket today with many designs and sizes, providing more choices for users. Crafted from natural fibers like seagrass or water hyacinth onto a sturdy wooden frame. The woven rectangular basket provides a discreet way of organizing just about anything. Perfect for housing items such as craft supplies, paperwork and bathroom essentials.

With a rectangular basket, users can comfortably get everything from fruits, vegetables or toys in the child’s house. And they can completely see the basket as an interesting highlight for their living space in the living room when they can use the rectangular basket to store the books placed on the shelf.


FOLDABLE WOVEN BASKETS LINE: Especially an innovative product from Viet Trang, the woven baskets can be foldable and collapsible simply thanks to unique  structure and knitting techniques.


4. Laundry woven Hamper 

A variety of natural laundry storage designs can easily be found in the market. The oversized version of the laundry basket is a “laundry hero” for families with tough jobs or physical activities and sports. The smaller regular-sized laundry baskets can be used for less dirty clothes and uniforms.

Don’t forget to put these stunning woven laundry seagrass baskets wholesale into your purchase list if you look for flexible, decorative, and functional homewares. Your customers will satisfyingly realize that laundry baskets can not only store clothes but also make their homes cozier and cleaner.


5. Woven planter

In recent years, the onset of the social impacts not only gave us more time at home but also helped usher in a resurgence of a love for houseplants. That affection has only gotten stronger which lead to the exploding need of planters, especially woven planters.

Woven planter basket, especially with handles, makes it more convenient for users to take care of houseplants. Easy to move into any corners, safer against crash.

Another benefit of these baskets as woven planters is that they can help cover and hide the less appealing plastic pots that have the drainage the plants need. It also makes the planter pot simpler to harmonize with the home space by neutral colors and multiple shapes and sizes for a wide selection.

handwoven planter

Viet Trang has also launched the latest collection of woven planters “SowL” with a range of designs from basic to designer’s choice. 

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Multifunctional Woven baskets is loved by the end-users

There is a definition – Form follows function in interior design. The design reflects the characteristics of the owner, while the shape serves for their truly livable. We have many words when describing this notion – Functional, comfortable, usable and practical, etc. In the recent tough years, when we – spend most of the time in our home, the awareness and need for an enjoyable home is essential more than ever.

Woven baskets, made from these fibers of this special plant, are loved in the market because of their great combinations between function, stylish, and eco-friendly to the environment.

In particular, Europe, North America and Australia are open markets for woven baskets as consumers here are very interested in environmental issues, green and sustainable lifestyles. They are always looking for environmentally friendly products, natural materials to replace plastic products.These beautiful woven baskets wholesale have many uses, from originally preserving toys, storing newspaper, small kinds of stuff, laundry items, and natural home decors in all rooms from the living room to the bedroom, playroom, or baby’s room; they even make attractive plant holders!

Where to buy woven baskets wholesale with trustworthy quality and reasonable price :

  • Handicraft manufacturers from the traditional village
  • Reliable E-commerce: Alibaba, Amazon, etc.-
handwoven planter

Why should choose Viet Trang Handicraft:

We are: Expertise in Handicraft Manufacturer and Exporter

Our company in Nga Son village, Thanh Hoa Province

…and more focus on woven basket wholesale in Vietnam.

Our company is located at the heart of immense fields of seagrass and the weaving traditional village 9000m2 Nga Son in Thanh Hoa, a northern province in Vietnam, including 4 warehouses and equipped with drying machines.

Working with a diverse range of customers from all five continents with main markets of the United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, other EU countries, Japan and Korea in over 20 countries has resulted in expert export procedures. We understand your supply chain needs and all of your problems, such as shipping, packing, and international shipments.

Some of our value partners

We have: A professional process!

We commit to preserving our traditional weaving process by mindfully using natural materials. We also make sure that our production doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Firstly, we collect materials from the fields, then come to the fibers processing. The fibers are split, twisted, or braided depending on the design. Then it’s time for hand-weaving: the primary process that makes fibers come to life in an artistic form. In these final steps, the craft pieces will be finished by shaping, cleaning, and drying. After this, they are retouched, packaged and shipped to happy shelters around the world.

collecting seagrass on the field
woven baskets wholesale
fibers processing
DSC6658 1
weaving process

We supply: Innovative and quality woven baskets by local artisans

woven baskets wholesale

There are 30 full-time weavers and above 500 seasonal weavers who grew up surrounded by natural fiber especially seagrass and weaving skills that have been passed down from their ancestors for years. 

Inheriting not only the weaving skill but also the love in craftsmanship, our artisans are passionate about incorporating the traditional weaving into their work. This technique requires all steps done by hands. Therefore, our craftsmen must have rich experience and skillful techniques that nonstop develop through the decades to create the best handicraft products.

Retaining the tradition does not mean being bound to it and ignoring evolution and market trends. Our product design process is beautiful between traditional skills, craftsmanship from our artisans and the creativity from our designer’s team and our designer volunteers who get inspired from the local livelihoods, market consciousness, and their magnificent imagination. 

With more than 250 designs of woven baskets, we offer the best value for your business with our dedicated design support and modern B2B platform.

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We support: Marketing materials

We provide beautiful photos of our woven baskets and craftsmanship to help you deliver messages of handicraft homewares to your customers. Also, we always try to enhance more journals and reports about cultural craftsmanship and sustainability for your input marketing materials.

We have also launched more than 9 lookbooks and updated new collections every year.

woven baskets wholesale

Contact us to bring the sustainable lifestyle to your users

More creativity and development in the design and design of luxury products including woven baskets wholesale is different from Viet Trang.

We combine the traditional features of the knitting village with the contemporary features of life to suit the needs of consumers. Our products are not only popular but also durable, bringing a sustainable life to users.

Please book a call with us immediately to receive more helpful information about these beautiful, eco-friendly wholesale products.

woven baskets wholesale