woven seagrass baskets

Woven seagrass basket – Top quality product from Viet Trang

About Vietnamese seagrass material

The eco-friendly material

Seagrass is a very environmentally friendly material that is frequently used to create woven seagrass baskets. Seagrass grows naturally in Southeast Asia’s salty coastal locations, with provinces like Thanh Hoa and Thai Binh producing the bulk of the material.

The Nga Son district, in particular, is noted for having the most refined quality seagrass production in the most significant area.

woven seagrass baskets
The artisans' smile is our big motivation to enhance this traditional craftsmanship

Because of its better side, seagrass is frequently used to build a seagrass laundry hamper. Furthermore, because seagrass has a beautiful natural color, artisans frequently use it to create things that aren’t dyed. As a result, most seagrass-based products are environmentally beneficial.

Understanding the types of materials that products are made from, you will have more confidence in the products you sell.

woven seagrass baskets

Consider selling woven seagrass baskets made in Vietnam if you’re seeking a reasonable and safe natural homeware product for your customers. Seagrass baskets are unquestionably safe for both sellers and buyers.

This natural fiber is split and sun-dried without the use of any chemicals. Seagrass baskets will also go through a washing and drying procedure at factories following production.

The natural materials that direct impact homeware consumption trends in 2022

In 2022, it’s evident that sustainability will be a primary priority. This applies to all aspects of life: in 2022, sustainable home design, purchasing, gardening, and yard maintenance will all be the norm.

A sustainable lifestyle, which is gradually becoming the norm as users recognize the importance of balance, is no longer as busy or vibrant as it once was. And it is the first impact that comes from lifestyle, living space decoration, making your house more harmonious with nature and greenery will help you be more mindful in daily life.

And it is easy to see that household products made from natural materials will help raise the sustainable living standards of users. More specifically when it comes to natural fibers used to weave baskets or home items, seagrass is always at the top and is one of the most used materials for basket weaving.


Viet Trang seagrass hampers make your laundry day far more efficient and much less miserable

What Products Are Made from Seagrass?

Seagrass is used to make a wide range of items. Beautiful seagrass rugs and baskets are currently one of their most popular uses. Couches, chairs, tables, and other types of seagrass furniture, as well as seagrass storage baskets, plant containers, wine racks, and other decorative objects, can all be produced from seagrass.

woven seagrass baskets

Seagrass is among the most stain-resistant all-natural fibers. A woven seagrass basket has a beautiful texture and will stand up to rugged use, making it the perfect choice for every corner f your home. 

A seagrass natural product is not treated with dyes or other toxins so it will not adversely affect the health of chemically sensitive household members. Seagrass basket comes in a variety of beautiful natural shades that range from sage to green to brown.

When you first unroll it, you may notice a subtle hay-like fragrance that dissipates over time.

woven seagrass basket

Woven seagrass basket at Viet Trang Handicraft

What we have

Viet Trang factory is based at the heart of the oldest traditional village and raw material area. The production base of Viet Trang lies in Thanh Hoa province, which is home to Vietnam’s largest and greenest sedge fields. Seagrass is harvested and processed by our artisans in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner.

Furthermore, the handling of woven seagrass basket items is highly strict, and the drying yard is large and open to ensure that the products receive enough sunlight to maintain their natural colors rather than being dyed.

woven seagrass baskets
drying the collected seagrass

What we do

Viet Trang assures that the materials used for knitting baskets are of the highest quality by following a clear, professional procedure and taking advantage of industrial advantages such as competent material handling stages and tables.

woven seagrass baskets
harvesting seagrass from the field

The fields of seagrass are always waiting to be harvested

woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets

Natural sunlight from the sun lends a natural sheen to the sedge yarns used to knit the woven seagrass basket.

woven seagrass baskets

After the yarn quality has been ensured in terms of color, and durability, natural fibers are braided and put into basket weaving

woven seagrass basket

We provide the high-quality woven seagrass baskets

The collapsible seagrass baskets

This is Viet Trang’s newest product line and a spearhead product, harnessing market demand for freight cost optimization through transportation space savings and foldable items. Life can best handle Viet Trang’s partners’ shipping concerns, and Viet Trang’s collapsible baskets come in a number of types and categories. The goods are easy to open for usage and fold for storage since the corners are reconnected from the top with natural fibers.

Seagrass ground baskets

Viet Trang pays more attention to interior design and aesthetics when weaving seagrass round baskets. When placed in the inner area of the house, round woven baskets add a high aesthetic aspect. Furthermore, the round woven baskets have a large capacity, allowing users to use them to store all household objects from the living room to the kitchen.

woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets

Rectangle Baskets

It’s time to replace plastic trays with rectangular woven baskets with superior usability and especially protect the user’s living environment more. Viet Trang’s rectangular woven seagrass basket products are designed in many sizes from small to large, providing more choices for users.

woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets

Laundry and Hampers

Natural materials have been properly handled to ensure that the fabric or vest is completely safe. Woven seagrass baskets with laundry and hampers are available in a range of sizes and knitting patterns from Viet Trang. The end-user can easily select what is most convenient for their family’s washing routine.

woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets

Seagrass Woven Planters

Seagrass woven planter goods will be knit, able to endure large pots and soil. Furthermore, Viet Trang’s seagrass planter is available in three pricing ranges: traditional, boutique, and design’s choice, ensuring that consumers may choose the perfect basket for their indoor gardening interests.

woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets

Why should be Viet Trang when choosing a seagrass basket supplier

Our enterprise, which includes 4 warehouses and drying machines, is located in the center of vast seagrass fields and the weaving traditional hamlet of 9000m2 Nga Son in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam’s northern region.
Working with a varied spectrum of customers from all five continents in over 20 countries has resulted in competent export procedures. We are familiar with your supply chain requirements and issues, such as shipping, packing, and overseas shipments.

woven seagrass baskets

Because there is such a high demand for woven seagrass baskets around the world, Viet Trang is continuously looking for and partnering with the world’s best home appliance manufacturers. Viet Trang has had over 100 partners from over 20 nations throughout the world, including the European Union, the United States of America, the Netherlands, Germany, and others. We are familiar with your supply chain requirements and issues, such as shipping, packing, and overseas shipments.

woven seagrass baskets
Thank you for choosing us be your trusted partner

We have: A professional process!

We commit to preserving our traditional weaving process by mindfully using natural materials. We also make sure that our production doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Firstly, we collect materials from the fields, then come to the processing of the fibers.

The fibers are split, twisted, or braided depending on the design. Then it’s time for hand-weaving: the primary process that makes fibers come to life in an artistic form. In these final steps, the craft pieces will be finished by shaping, cleaning, and drying. After this, they are retouched, packaged, and shipped to happy shelters around the world.

woven seagrass baskets
from weaving
woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets
moisture test
woven seagrass baskets
to packaging

We supply: Innovative and quality woven baskets by local artisans

There are 30 full-time weavers and over 500 seasonal weavers who grew up surrounded by natural fibers, particularly seagrass, and inherited weaving techniques from their forefathers.

Our artists are passionate about bringing traditional weaving into their work, having inherited not only the weaving talent but also the love of workmanship. This technique necessitates the completion of all processes by hand. As a result, in order to create the best handicraft products, our artisans must have a wealth of knowledge and masterful techniques that have been continuously developed over decades.

woven seagrass baskets
woven seagrass baskets

Keeping tradition does not imply adhering to it and ignoring changes in the market. Traditional skills, craftsmanship from our artisans, and the creativity of our designer’s team and our designer volunteers, who are motivated by local livelihoods, market consciousness, and their fantastic imagination, make up our product design process.
We offer the best value for your business with our professional design help and sophisticated B2B platform, which includes over 250 weaved basket styles.

We support: Marketing materials

We provide excellent images of our woven baskets and craftsmanship to assist you in communicating with your customers about handcrafted homewares. Also, for your feedback on marketing materials, we are continually working to improve new journals and papers about cultural handicraft and sustainability.
Every year, we’ve released more than ten lookbooks and updated new collections.

woven baskets wholesale

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More creativity and development in the design and design of luxury products including woven seagrass baskets is different from Viet Trang.

We combine the traditional features of the knitting village with the contemporary features of life to suit the needs of consumers. Our products are not only popular but also durable, bringing a sustainable life to users.

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