How to choose the leading products for wicker basket wholesale

How to choose the best products for wicker basket wholesale

In order to meet the demand for sustainable household appliances of the majority of families in the world, it is necessary for factories and home appliance businesses to quickly update and search for new suitable and leading products, typically hand-woven baskets of natural fibers. In this article, we will give you the best recommendations about how to pick the best product for wicker basket wholesale.

And for you to easily choose wicker basket products for each type, Viet Trang sends you a list of the highlighted wicker baskets from wicker basket wholesale.

These are products made entirely of natural materials such as seagrass, water hyacinth, or palm leaf, thereby bringing a sustainable life to the end-user.


Reasons to choose wicker basket for wholesale

The eco-friendly solution

For wicker basket wholesale, at first, we have to know the benefit they can bring to the end-user. Baskets made of natural materials are an excellent storage solution. Eco-friendly storage baskets are ideal for storing supplies and keeping the area organized, whether at the office or at home.

Baskets, in addition to serving as storage, also serve as a beautiful accent in the home. Those baskets, which are made of natural fibers, have a natural feel to them and may simply be incorporated into any existing design style.

wicker basket wholesale

The Material – Natural fibers

Natural materials are used to weave wholesale storage baskets. Rattan, water hyacinth, bamboo, seagrass, paper, wool, cotton, corn husks, cane, banana leaf, palm leaf, and so on are some examples of typical fibers. 

wicker basket wholesale

These are raw materials that do not affect the environment, in addition, their use boosts the fibers’ ability to be used over their whole life cycle. Before being woven into baskets, these fibers will go through a long process of harvesting, drying, sorting, and splitting.

To make storage baskets more robust, local makers frequently combine natural fibers with other materials like metal, and wood. With Viet Trang, in order to serve wicker basket wholesale and become a reliable partner, the stages of material handling before knitting are extremely strict and thorough right from the time of harvest.

wicker basket wholesale
Water Hyacinth basket with metal frame

Natural color and diversify design

In fact, the storage baskets made of natural materials come in a wide range of colors, but in Viet Trang, we say no to artificial color, we try to keep the natural color of natural fiber. and for sure we always have the diversity in weaving styles, sizes, structures, and diameters.

To maximize storage capacity for a variety of objects in the home, wholesale storage baskets should often come in many basic designs (round, rectangular, and square).

Many homeowners choose nesting, stackable, foldable, and flat-pack designs that can be readily stored when not in use due to restricted living space (CBI-EU, 2021). These designs will also help you save money on shipping for your business.

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Collapsible baskets

Way to find the best wicker product for your business

Select the products to import based on the location of the manufacturer

The wicker baskets supply market is growing day by day with quality promises coming from wicker basket manufacturers. To choose a reliable partner in the production and supply of hand-woven baskets, the first thing you should pay attention to is the geographical area of ​​the partner.

The production capacity and quality assurance product will be higher if manufacturing firms have factories located in raw material development, such as seagrass fields, that specialize in the provision of natural fiber resources.

Artisan 3
If the product is imported from the region where the material is produced, the quality and origin of the product will be better assured

Find products from manufacturers with a lot of expertise in weaving wicker baskets.

Handwoven baskets have a lot of commercial worth, but they also add a lot of value to people’s lives in the long run.

Weaving baskets, especially handwoven, necessitate a great deal of attention to detail and ability on the part of the craftspeople. As a result, artists who have worked in the field for a long time and consider basket weaving a passion will undoubtedly produce high-quality and attractive items. Choose a company with a strong and enthusiastic team of artisans since they will undoubtedly provide you with high-quality products that will exceed your customers’ expectations.

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Choose wicker baskets based on…

Follow the raw materials

Natural wicker baskets come in a variety of styles and are frequently classified by material, design, and function. Seagrass and water hyacinth are two of the many natural fibers that dominate the market.

Users prefer baskets made of seagrass or water hyacinth because they are more durable. When the fibers are harvested and subjected to adequate sunlight, they take on a lovely natural hue that is suited for a wide range of interior styles.

Water hyacinth
Water hyacinth
wicker basket wholesale
Palm leaf
wicker basket wholesale
Corn Husk

Palm leaves are also considered a natural fiber suited for knitting baskets or hand-woven items, and many Viet Trang wholesale wicker baskets are made from them. The white and yellow hue of palm leaf makes the product more luxurious because the processing is not too advanced but the quality is exceptional.

Wicker baskets with seagrass

wicker basket wholesale
wicker basket wholesale
wicker basket wholesale

Water hyacinth wicker basket

wicker basket wholesale
wicker basket wholesale
FP-B28 FP-B28 FP-B28
wicker basket wholesale

Mix with palm leaf and corn leaf

wicker basket wholesale
wicker basket wholesale

Select by product design and style

Baskets with handles for wicker basket wholesale

Baskets with handles are always chosen and used by many users. With a convenient handle for moving, large woven baskets are more suitable when holding many items at once and are used to decorate your home space more environmentally friendly.

Viet Trang will design the handle of the wicker basket to match the area and size of the basket. Besides, the wicker basket handle size also affects the function and convenience of use, which Viet Trang’s products continuously focus on.

wicker basket wholesale
wicker basket wholesale
wicker basket wholesale

Wicker collapsible baskets

This is Viet Trang’s newest product line, and it is a market leader in terms of freight cost optimization via transportation space savings and foldable items. Viet Trang’s collapsible baskets come in a variety of styles and categories, and can best address Viet Trang’s partners’ shipping problems. Moreover, because the corners are reconnected from the top with natural fibers, the goods are easy to open for use and fold for storage.

wicker basket wholesale
wicker basket wholesale

Round, cubic and rectangular baskets for wicker basket wholesale

wicker basket wholesale

Seagrass ground for wicker basket wholesale

Viet Trang pays more attention to interior design and aesthetics when weaving seagrass round baskets. When placed in the inner area of the house, round woven baskets add a high aesthetic aspect.

Furthermore, the round woven baskets have a large capacity, allowing users to use them to store all household objects from the living room to the kitchen.

Rectangle Baskets

To be the best wicker basket wholesale, it’s time to replace plastic trays with rectangular woven baskets with superior usability and especially protect the user’s living environment more. Viet Trang’s rectangular woven seagrass basket products are designed in many sizes from small to large, providing more choices for users.

wicker basket wholesale
wicker basket wholesale

Cubic baskets for wicker basket wholesale

The square and special woven baskets can also be folded to save a lot of space for transportation as well as for indoor use. A Square basket is suitable for storing small items such as baby toys, and story books. Because it is knitted with natural fibers, the product is absolutely harmless to the user.

Why should be Viet Trang when choosing products for wicker basket wholesale

Viet Trang factory is based at the heart of the oldest traditional village and raw material area. The production base of Viet Trang lies in Thanh Hoa province, which is home to Vietnam’s largest and greenest sedge fields. Seagrass is harvested and processed by our artisans in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner.

Furthermore, the handling of woven seagrass basket items for wicker basket wholesale is highly strict, and the drying yard is large and open to ensure that the products receive enough sunlight to maintain their natural colors rather than being dyed.

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Our company in Nga Son village, Thanh Hoa Province

Our enterprise, which includes 4 warehouses and drying machines, is located in the center of vast seagrass fields and the weaving traditional hamlet of 9000m2 Nga Son in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam’s northern region.

Working with a varied spectrum of customers from all five continents in over 20 countries has resulted in competent export procedures. We are familiar with your supply chain requirements and issues, such as shipping, packing, and overseas shipments.

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woven seagrass baskets

Because there is such a high demand for woven seagrass baskets around the world, Viet Trang is continuously looking for and partnering with the world’s best home appliance manufacturers. 

Viet Trang Handicraft has had over 100 partners from over 20 nations throughout the world, including the European Union, the United States of America, the Netherlands, Germany, and others.

We are familiar with your supply chain requirements and issues, such as shipping, packing, and overseas shipments.

We have: A professional process!

We commit to preserving our traditional weaving process by mindfully using natural materials. We also make sure that our product doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Firstly, we collect materials from the fields, then come to the processing of the fibers.

The fibers are split, twisted, or braided depending on the design. Then it’s time for hand-weaving: the primary process that makes fibers come to life in an artistic form.

In these final steps, the craft pieces will be finished by shaping, cleaning, and drying. After this, they are retouched, packaged, and shipped to happy shelters around the world.

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We supply: Innovative and quality woven baskets by local artisans

There are 30 full-time weavers and over 500 seasonal weavers who grew up surrounded by natural fibers, particularly seagrass and inherited weaving techniques from their forefathers.

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We support: Marketing materials

To be your trusted partner in wicker basket wholesale, Viet Trang Handicraft provides excellent images of our woven baskets wholesale and craftsmanship to assist you in communicating with your customers about handcrafted homewares. Also, for your feedback on marketing materials, we are continually working to improve new journals and papers about cultural handicrafts and sustainability.

And more than that, every year, we’ve released more than ten lookbooks and updated new collections.

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Contact us to bring a sustainable lifestyle to your users

More creativity and development in the design and design of luxury products for wicker basket wholesale is different from Viet Trang.

For your wicker basket wholesale, we combine the traditional features of the knitting village with the contemporary features of life to suit the needs of consumers. Our products are not only popular but also durable, bringing a sustainable life to users.

Please book a call with us immediately to receive more helpful information about these beautiful, eco-friendly wholesale products.

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